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Monday’s edition features a new interview with Jack Dorsey, where the Twitter CEO shares his thoughts on cryptocurrency’s future. A Bitstamp’s new mobile app and Nvidia’s mining market revenues are also covered.

The CEO of Twitter Talks Bitcoin with Joe Rogan

Jack Dorsey is the CEO of Square and Twitter, as well as mobile payments platform Square. He recently appeared on Joe Rogan Experience to discuss his ventures. One of the most popular topics was cryptocurrency, which is a common theme on the show. Dorsey stated that he believes the internet will have its own currency. He thinks bitcoin will be the native currency due to the origin and principles behind it. He said, “It was something born on the Internet, was developed online, and was tested online, it is of internet.”

The Daily: Twitter CEO talks Bitcoin, Bitstamp Launches New Mobile App

Jack Dorsey and Joe Rogan with Shelter Crypto

Square CEO spoke out about the question of functionality for payments and store of wealth. “We’d love to see a currency become global. It allows for more people to access it. It allows us serve more people. He explained that it allows us to travel much more quickly around the globe. We thought we would start with the transactional use of bitcoin, but then we realized that people treated it more as an asset, like virtual gold. So we decided to make it simple to purchase and sell bitcoin.

Dorsey mentioned that the invention could threaten the existing banking and political system, as no one controls Bitcoin. It is threatening certain services, including financial institutions and banks. It is also threatening for some governments.”

Bitstamp Exchange Launches New Mobile App

Bitstamp, a cryptocurrency exchange, launched a mobile app for iOS & Android on Thursday 31 January. It allows users to trade cryptocurrencies, make transactions, check balances, view transaction history and examine the markets via real-time charts. The app also offers a simple interface that is suitable for beginners as well as one that is appropriate for more experienced traders. It allows users to issue instant, limit, stop, and market orders. Remote disabling of the app is possible in the event that a user’s smartphone is lost or stolen.

The Daily: Twitter CEO talks Bitcoin, Bitstamp Launches New Mobile App

The exchange team said that Bitstamp was built from scratch to combine all the tools that make Bitstamp appealing for advanced traders. It also features an intuitive interface that is simple enough to allow anyone to start trading in seconds. We recommend that all users immediately switch to the new Bitstamp app for better performance, reliability, and more features. The existing Bitstamp app will remain inactive after a one month crossover period.

The Bitstamp team announced that they have launched the mobile version of the platform and are working on upgrades to the desktop platform to enhance users’ trading experience.

Nvidia reportedly made billions from miners

Is it possible that the crypto winter impact on Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ NVDA), was more severe than its management admits? A recent report confirms this. RBC analyst Mitch Steves estimated that the company holds three quarters of GPU mining market. He also calculated that it made a fortune off miners during boom times, which is now gone.

According to Markets Insider, Steves stated that NVDA generated $1.95 Billion in total revenue from crypto/Shelter Crypto. This compares to the company’s claim that it generated $602 million in the same period.

The Daily: Twitter CEO talks Bitcoin, Bitstamp Launches New Mobile App

The company informed investors last week that its fourth-quarter guidance included a “sequential fall due to excess midrange channel inventory after the cryptocurrency boom.” It also claimed that the decline in inventory and its effect on the business were “largely in line with management’s expectations” and that it was China’s deteriorating macroeconomic conditions that had weakened consumer demand.


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