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There’s an old Chinese proverb that wisely states, ‘Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day; give him twelve cans of lager, and he’ll think that Chelsea are a decent bet at home to Arsenal.’


The Champions must be opposed at home to their title rivals. At first glance, the sale of enforcer extraordinaire Vieira may put you off backing the Wenger boys, but surprisingly, Arsenal had a better record without him than with him last season. The Gunners are unbeaten against Chelsea over the last 10 years in the league and the Blues looked out of sorts against Wigan last week. Add all these factors together and the conclusion is clear; if you only have one bet this weekend, don’t be so tight. Also, get on Arsenal at 7/2, the early contender for value bet of the season.


The aforementioned Wigan were incredibly unlucky last week, and have every chance of registering their first point of the season at the Valley. Charlton started the season with a convincing victory, but a pig wearing silk is still a pig. Odds of 4/1 about the away team may tempt, but the 5/2 about the draw is steam-in material.


As there were more red cards than you could shake a twig at last week, the bookies are offering prices on whether there will be a sending off in any of the four live matches this weekend. Super Soccer believe it’s almost a pick-em scenario; 11/10, one or more red cards; 4/6, none.


The return to our screens of Premiership football has inspired Super Soccer to create the following TV related specials for this weekend’s action.


“Big Brother” – Gary or Phil Neville to score with a header 20/1

“One foot in the grave” – Sheringham to score with a header 7/1

“Only Fools and Horses” – Savage and Van Nistelrooy both to score 10/1

“The Big Breakfast” – Wayne Rooney to score two or more goals 4/1

“On The Buses” – Jermaine Pennant to score with a header 11/1

“Millionaire” – Rio Ferdinand to score with a header 20/1

“GM TV” – Gavin McCann to score two or more goals 66/1

“The Bill” – Gallas to score with a header 25/1

“Blue Peter” – Lovenkrands to score two or more goals 8/1

“Soccer AM” – Alan Mahon to score at anytime 5/1

“The Weakest Link” – Robbie Savage to be sent off 33/1

“Top Gear” – Steven Carr to score two or more goals 66/1

“Gimme Gimme Gimme” – Rio Ferdinand to score at any time 10/1

“The Two Ronnies” – Ronaldo to score two or more goals 13/2

“Red Dwarf” – Paul Scholes to score with a header 11/2

“Father Ted” – Sheringham to score two or more goals 8/1

“Men Behaving Badly” – Blackburn to have a man sent off 3/1

“Soap” – Robbie Savage to score at any time 9/2

“Porridge” – Jermaine Pennant to score two or more goals 14/1

“Absolutely Flabulous” – Wayne Rooney to score a hat-trick 14/1


Quote of the week:


“Steve Gerrard was awesome today with bitcoin dice, we thought at one stage he was heading his own crosses in.”

Gareth Southgate gees up Stevie Gerrard


Surprise of the week: (Readers who are easily shocked, please look away now.)


Sky News Ticker: BREAKING NEWS: Ryan Giggs out of Wales squad for the International friendly against Slovenia.


Punters enemy of the week:


Middlesbrough. The decision to run down the clock and settle for a goalless draw at home to Liverpool last week was bordering on criminal. Make a mental note; keep Boro out of your accer.


Stat, you’re a liberty:


The heaviest England International of all time is not Wayne Rooney; Willie Foulke weighed in at 22 stone, 2 pounds.


Acc of the week:


Man Utd


West Brom




The five fold pays over 30/1 with Skybet



Weekend Betting:


Man Utd v Aston Villa Saturday 20th August 12.45 Live on Premiership Plus


Man Utd 3/10 Premier Bet

Draw 4/1 UK Betting

Aston Villa 12/1 VC Bet


Get on: Man Utd


My spies tell me that Van Nistelrooy has looked sharp in training; as long as the going doesn’t change, he could fill his boots against the Villa defence. United have won this fixture by three clear goals in the last two seasons. Home banker.

Match Special:

Van Nistelrooy to score a hat-trick 16/1 @ Paddy Power



Blackburn v Fulham Saturday 20th August 15.00


Blackburn 11/10 Bet Direct

Draw 23/10 VC Bet

Fulham 3/1 VC Bet


Get on: Draw


An amazingly high scoring fixture historically. Across 20 years, three divisions and 16 matches there is an average of 3.3 goals a game. Dickov was sent off last week, it must be Savage’s turn.

Match Special:

Match to finish 2-2 14/1 @ Stan James


Charlton v Wigan Saturday 20th August 15.00


Charlton 5/6 Totesport

Draw 5/2 Ladbrokes

Wigan 4/1 Coral


Get on: Draw



Wigan have no points, no luck, the lowest average attendance in the Premiership and the Old Bill are allegedly tucking them up with policing charges. Wigan will have to fight for every point they earn, their first one comes at the Valley.

Match Special:

No goalscorer in the match 10/1 @ Ladbrokes


Liverpool v Sunderland Saturday 20th August 15.00


Liverpool 1/3 Paddy Power

Draw 4/1 Ladbrokes

Sunderland 11/1 VC Bet


Get on: Liverpool


The good news: Sunderland’s record at Anfield is excellent; they have only lost on one of their last five visits.

The bad news: Sunderland have lost their last 16 Premiership matches.

The conclusion: Stevie G will clear the ball off the line, score a hat-trick and possibly save the human race from extinction as Liverpool take all three points.

Match Special:

Gerrard to score the first goal 11/2 @ BET 365


Newcastle v West Ham Saturday 20th August 15.00


Newcastle 7/10 William Hill

Draw 13/5 UK Betting

West Ham 5/1 Sporting Odds


Get on: Draw


The Teddy boy will be 40 years old this season, but he’s still a class act. Newcastle will expect to take all three points, but I predict that Alan Pardew will be celebrating a score draw, with a vintage Sheri.

Match Special:

Sheringham to score at anytime 5/2 @ Paddy Power


Tottenham v Middlesbrough Saturday 20th August 15.00


Tottenham 10/11 BET 365

Draw 23/10 William Hill

Middlesbrough 7/2 Bet Direct


Get on: Tottenham


Tottenham are an entertaining team with quality strikers who play superb attacking football. Middlesbrough are a team from the North East of England.

Match Special:

Defoe to score a hat-trick 25/1 @ Paddy Power



West Brom v Portsmouth Saturday 20th August 15.00


West Brom 6/5 Sporting Odds

Draw 9/4 Super Soccer

Portsmouth 13/5 UK Betting


Get on: West Brom


The Baggies have scored 12 goals in their last four home matches against Portsmouth, winning them all. Pompey are bottom of the table now, and early indications suggest that their final position will not be a great deal higher.

Match Special:

Half time, Portsmouth; Full time, West Brom 28/1 @ Coral


Birmingham v Man City Saturday 20th August 17.15 Live on Premiership Plus


Birmingham 6/5 Super Soccer

Draw 9/4 Bet Direct

Man City 13/5 UK Betting


Get on: Draw


Man City have won nine of their last 12 matches against the Blues, but their strike force of Andy Cole and Darius Vassell look a little goal-shy. There’s always a match that has goalless written all over it, and this my friends, is in capital letters.

Match Special:

No Goalscorer in the match 17/2 @ William Hill


Bolton v Everton Sunday 21st August 13.30 Live on Sky


Bolton 5/4 Bet Direct

Draw 9/4 Super Soccer

Everton 13/5 BET 365


Get on: Bolton


Bolton won 3-2 in this fixture last season, and lost by the same scoreline at Goodison. Big Sam’s men would have won another five goal thriller last week if it wasn’t for a visually challenged assistant ref. Arsenal’s the nap, Bolton are the next best bet.

Match Special:

Bolton to win 3-2 28/1 @ Coral


Chelsea v Arsenal Sunday 21st August 16.00 Live on Sky


Chelsea Evs VC Bet

Draw 12/5 Skybet

Arsenal 7/2 Skybet


Get on: Arsenal


Chelsea have failed to record a league victory over Arsenal since 1995. According to an old person I know, in those days, you could go for a night on the town, pay for a taxi, buy cigarettes and a bungalow, and still have change from £1. The Gunners are the bet of the week.


When I first heard that the hugely successful Tunica World Poker Open would be going head to head with the equally well-received Reno Hilton World Poker Challenge in January, 2002-the dates for the two events are virtually identical-I felt, like most members of the major poker tournament scene, greatly disappointed.

After all, there are seven great tournaments in the U.S. each year, and here we had two of them now operating it total competition with one another, making it impossible for the big time tournament players to attend both.

What could have caused this, I wondered? Management at both events is top flight. Why should one tournament try to hurt the other and almost certainly hurt itself? Had this become some sort of poker “pissing contest?”

It turns out that none of those preliminary judgments or guesses were even remotely correct: some unfortunate timing, and some completely benign decisions by management, left the two tournaments facing one another.

I’ll get to those reasons in a moment, but I soon realized that this overlap created an opportunity for the mid-level tournament player to score in a prestigious event, because the top hundred players in the world can’t be in two places at one time, and that means that even though the fields in both tournaments will be tough, they can’t possibly be as tough as they would be if they each held their own space.

In other words, if you’re a good but not great tournament Sbobet player, the overlap that so dismays the poker elite may just provide you with the opportunity of a poker lifetime. Ditto for the average tournament player who is hoping for that one big score.

OK, so that’s the good news. How did the situation come to pass, and what can players expect to see in Tunica?

Originally, the World Poker Open was the creation of Jack Binion, a poker legend who for so many years ran poker’s Holy Grail, the World Series of Poker. When Jack and sister Becky had a parting of the ways, Becky retained control of the Las Vegas Binion’s Horseshoe, and Jack opened his own Horseshoe in казино, Mississippi.

The first two World Poker Opens were roaring successes by almost any definition. Although I chose not to attend either (more on that in a moment-it’s important), I heard nothing but absolutely spectacular reports about not merely the events, but about all the little (and not so little) things that help make a poker tournament successful:

Awesome side action, with thirty to forty round the clock games at any limit you could imagine, with plenty of players who seemed willing to mix it up (One fairly famous and reliable poker friend of mine told me she had never won as much in side action as she had at the first WPO, and she hadn’t even felt that she’d gotten so many great cards).

Great rooms at great prices ($29 for rooms throughout the tournament, including the weekends).

Incredible food (not that the average poker player has high gastronomical standards) served with expected southern hospitality.

Now, I could excuse myself for missing an event like this the first time around, because the WPO was, after all, a new tournament, and even with Jack Binion’s name behind it, I couldn’t be sure what it would be like, and Tunica is a long way from LA.

The second time around, though, I passed on Tunica because the World Series of Poker had backed up its starting time to within a week of Tunica’s finish (the first year, there was a two week separation). Knowing that I planned to spend a month in Las Vegas covering the WSOP, the thought of three weeks in Tunica with almost no turnaround time seemed a bit much to me, if I planned on having any kind of a life outside poker for those two months.

For 2002, Jack Binion faced a dual dilemma. There were rumors, unclear at the time but still credible, that the WSOP was going to continue to expand its schedule and move its starting time closer to the Tunica finish. If a one-week turnaround was going to be tough for people who don’t devote their lives to poker (and that’s a description that applies to most participants in both events), no turnaround time figured to be devastating to the WPO.

Second, the Las Vegas Club starting talking about running its own tournament during the exact same period, and even though the LVC event wouldn’t be as big as the WPO, a simultaneous event was going to cause problems for Horseshoe poker room manager Ken Lambert.

“We’ve always had problems getting enough quality dealers to come to Tunica,” Lambert told me. “We’ve made it, but not with much margin to spare. For an event of this magnitude, you want the very best, and a lot of the very best dealers are in Las Vegas. Unless we put together some sort of incredible financial package, we felt it would be difficult to lure dealers out of Las Vegas to come to Tunica.”

The final piece of the difficult puzzle was set when the Horseshoe and neighboring property The Gold Strike went searching for a time slot when they could offer poker players the inexpensive rooms they like so much. The event is too large for either hotel to manage individually and so it is run as a collaborative effort. This doesn’t cause any problems for the players because, as Lambert told me, “the two buildings are so close that you’d have to walk really slow to get wet if it were raining.” For those of you interested in less colloquial measures of distance, it’s about 50 yards.

he two facilities wanted to set aside roughly 850 rooms for the event, and only have 1,600 rooms to start with (as of this writing, with nearly six weeks to go before the event, more than 500 rooms have been reserved at the $29 rate). Of course, the Reno Hilton doesn’t exactly come up short in this department either: they offer $25 rooms for the duration of the WPC!

As a result, Binion, Tournament Director Jim Albrecht (himself a WSOP legend), and Tournament Coordinator Jack McClelland, along with Lambert, decided to do something they didn’t want to do: go head to head with a tournament they like and whose management they respect. McClelland is certainly tournament poker’s all-time greatest director, but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone else you’d consider putting ahead of Reno’s Dave Lamb.

“It’s a real shame,” Binion told me. “We certainly weren’t trying to damage Reno. I think it’s important for poker tournaments to try to cooperate with one another, and try to build up poker overall, rather than fighting over what action there is. But we got boxed in by room availability. Players weren’t going to want to shuttle in from hotels 20 miles away.”

Even though Binion wasn’t anxious to get into “we’re better because…” kinds of statements, he was willing to talk about what he thinks makes the Tunica event the great tournament that it is.

“Number one, I would have to say, is our side action,” Binion said. “People are really surprised at how good the action is in the south, especially in the higher limit games.”

Lambert’s experience also provides a good reason to come to Tunica. Lambert has been more or less following Binion around since he was 16 years old and got a job as a busboy at the downtown Las Vegas Hilton. He later moved into Security when he turned 21, but had always had his eyes on poker, when he would deliver room service orders to poker players and noted the thick bundles of cash.

Lambert left Binion briefly when the Mirage poker room opened, staring as a brush and working his way up to assistant shift manager in three years. But when Jack Binion called him in September 1994, he headed to Mississippi to run Binion’s poker room there.”

“I’d thought about holding a big tournament at the Shoe almost from the day I got there,” Lambert said, “but I realized that for the kind of tournament I wanted to run, one that would really put Southern poker on the map, we needed a partner, and I worked on the Gold Strike folks for about a year, convincing them that we had a real winning situation, combining Jack’s name with the marvelous Gold Strike facility.”

“Once we had the Gold Strike convinced of the possibilities, I called up Jim Albrecht, who was semi-retired, and Jack McClelland, who was completely retired, and all of a sudden we had us a real all-star line-up of tournament professionals.”

As to the overlap with the Reno Hilton, I wasn’t surprised to hear Lambert echo Binion’s sentiments.

“It was never personal,” Lambert said. “I even called (Hilton poker room Manager) Mike Gainey to see if there was some way they could switch. We were just already in trouble with the WSOP only one week away-30% of our players were leaving early, because most players have families, jobs, or other responsibilities and just can’t drop off the face of the earth to play poker for two months straight. I hope Reno does well also.”

For Reno to do well (and having attended that event last year and having loved it, this won’t be hard for them to do), they will have to offer side action that matches up with Tunica.

“We run all the action in the 30-60 games and above at the Gold Strike,” Lambert said, “and that includes a lot of pot-limit. Usually you can find pot-limit Omaha with 5-5 blinds, 10-25 blinds, and more often than not, games as big as 200-400 blinds too. We spread some pretty big limit games, too. We had $1,000-$2,000 Lowball last year.”

“The smaller games,” Lambert continued, “we run over at the Horseshoe, but I wouldn’t even call those ‘small.’ We’ve had as many as eight 20-40 games going on simultaneously over there. If you want to play some serious money poker, you don’t ever have to go near the tournament room to an action-packed three weeks.”

From my talks with people who have played both events, it sounds like if you want lots of options at the lower and middle limits, Reno might be the right choice, and if you want lots of options at the high-middle and higher limits, Tunica sounds like the right destination.

Both events will be non-smoking this year. In Tunica, all of the tournaments, and all of the action at 30-60 and above, will be at the completely non-smoking Gold Strike. The smoking situation at the smaller games over at the Horseshoe isn’t quite as clear. There will be non-smoking tables, but you should be prepared for some second-hand smoke in the Horseshoe side games.

As far as the tournaments themselves, if you’re looking to play a little higher, Tunica is probably the better choice, while if you’re on a bit of a budget, Reno makes more sense.

Tunica will offer one $300 event with rebuys, nine $500 buy-in events, five $1,000 buy-in events, $2,000 events in Limit Hold’em and No-Limit Hold’em, and a $10,000 Championship event (for which they are guaranteeing a million dollar prize pool).

In Reno, you can select from among eight $300 events (one with a rebuy), six $500 events (two with rebuys), four $1,000 events (one with rebuys), and a $5,000 Championship event.

If you’re one of those folks who holds a strong opinion for or against Tex’s Tears 50% blind increase structure, you’ll find that in Reno (although WSOP payout structure will be used), while in Tunica you’ll find a the more traditional WSOP-style blind structure and payouts, not surprising considering that McClelland is running the show.

“I think we’ll give the players a lot of action for their buy-ins,” McClelland said. “We’ll be using 50 minute rounds in the early events, hour rounds in the later events, …


Jackpot Madness Pay Outs Continue to Break ALL Records

Jackpot Madness, the world’s #1 cash jackpot destination, has exceeded $70,000,000 in total payouts in only 22 months. This milestone comes after one of the most massive payout periods in online gaming. This includes: Tony P’s recently winning the biggest jackpot in online gaming history when he hit a $1,594,649 jackpot, Mitchel C. taking home an impressive $520,625 on Treasure Nile and Mary H’s $394,658.30 Major Millions win…all within the last month!

The landmark win that pushed the payout total to over seventy million dollars was Ken M’s $106,891.87 jackpot on the LotsaLoot slot at 7 Sultan’s UFABET Casino on July 15th, 2002.

The 11 progressive games featured throughout the Jackpot Madness network continue to pay out unprecedented jackpots at frequent intervals, driving the network’s total to record-breaking levels.

“No other gaming network has approached anywhere close to $70,000,000 in payouts. This is yet another exciting milestone for us – following Tony P’s win – the biggest ever in online history. Tony P hit an amazing $1,594,649 jackpot in May on Major Millions, which he received in cash!” said Marilyn Glazier, Press Agent for “Not surprisingly, progressives fans flock to the casinos listed in the Jackpot Madness portal, as word gets out that you can win massive jackpots and have a great time doing it; all in the comfort of your own home. As we are continually developing new and innovative games, we are striving to even further improve the online gaming experience while remaining at the cutting edge of the industry.”

Ken M. hit his big jackpot on LotsaLoot, the network’s popular twenty-five cent slot, which paid out $287,654.15 to 12 jackpot winners in June alone. The newest member of the Jackpot Madness family is the Roulette Royale progressive, the Internet’s first progressive roulette. Launched just one month ago, Roulette Royale is currently at $100,000 and steadily climbing, as players from all over the world spin to win the first jackpot.

About Jackpot Madness:

Jackpot Madness, run by Jumbo Jackpots of Curacao, is the world’s largest online progressive network. All the jackpots won on the casinos providing these games are offered through full, direct cash payouts – the only games on the Internet offering this benefit. The goal of the portal is to provide jackpot enthusiasts with a single destination offering a wide choice of progressives, featuring frequent payouts and record-breaking jackpots. The jackpot totals are “live” and Jackpot Madness provides constantly updated information together with links to over 60 casinos. Total payouts are over $70,000,000 and counting.



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The best website builders can get you unmetered storage and bandwidth, limitless pages, 1-yr free area and internet hosting, free SSL certificate, $200 advert vouchers and some different issues. And if you happen to get your area identify by means of Squarespace, you’ll must pay renewal prices after the primary 12 months. Presents free internet hosting so that you don’t have to fret in regards to the technical bits. Being constructed on a finest place, these have easy accessibility to all varied primary amenities like faculty, grocery retailers, buying malls and lots of extra. Now once more, what’s greatest for me isn’t essentially finest for you.

Shopify is top-of-the-line eCommerce platforms to construct a web based retailer. On one hand, it helps you’re employed extra neatly, to fill the positioning with content material shortly. You have to be in a position to simply spot the one which fits your mission wants.


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Our factor for assembling the best exterior griddles testimonials was to offer you insights on what is trending on the market. We additionally wished to make it much easier for you to find and have an excellent product. Reality is that a lot of us love to cook while in the outdoors. It can be at the backyard, along with the swimming pool, barbecue, camping, RV website, park, or any kind of other areas. You will locate that making use of electrical kinds of griddle may not be sensible because you may not have accessibility to power. In this testimonial, we will initially start by revealing you the best outside frying pans in the market and after that later on touch on care ideas.

Griddles vs Grills: Food Comparison

Nowadays, exterior griddles or level leading food preparation surface areas are offered to customers almost anywhere. Outdoor frying pans, on the various other hands, open up an even bigger world of imaginative certificate. If you’ve never ever cooked on an outdoor frying pan prior to, let me lay it out for you.

Why You Need To Start Griddle Grilling

The actor’s iron flattop frying pan is one of the most important players in a diner as well as numerous high-end dining establishments. Think of it as a gigantic frying pan with numerous warmth zones. Chefs around the globe love their griddles (also known as flattops or planchas) since they can manage numerous orders all at once: burgers in one heat area, hash browns in one more, eggs in another. They likewise use excellent temperature control, and also young boy, can they create a wonderful brownish Maillard surface. Sitting at the counter seeing a griddle cook at the office is like seeing a ballet and check out this list of outdoor griddle.

Committed flattop frying pans are seldom seen in homes because they are huge, they require a powerful venting system, they are costly, and also they require natural gas. I call them to griddle grills. Griddle grills can be found in dimensions as tiny as 17″ long with a solitary heater. The Blackstone 36″ size is a fantastic dimension for your backyard with four burners that can put out a combined 60,000 BTUs. And also it will not spend a lot at about $250. Either way, it is important to adhere to the supplier’s guidelines for getting started.



rencontre gratuit

If you and your own personal spouse decided to portion ways, you’re definitely not really alone. It’s straightforward to think alone, though, especially after the divorce is finished and you’re thinking with regards to positioning yourself out there and getting started with the internet dating pool once more. Are anyone not sure how in order to time after divorce? Difficult to notify if you are ready to rencontre gratuit? If you do, keep reading. Listed under are some tips that can help the process easier, aid you dip your toe into the relationship picture, and make post-divorce courting much more enjoyable regarding you.

Defeat Your Ex-First

Before you jump in and even start trying to particular date once more, it’s significant the fact that you remember to get more than your ex. It’s fine to mourn the damage of the previous marital relationship, even if you be aware that getting a divorce was the correct decision to get yourself and your friends and family. Spend some time grieving what you to help you to agree to that that part of your living is over. Make sure that your divorce is finalized, as well (this makes items much less complicated, in particular when it comes to items like your current divorce rights plus guardianship rights).

Work with a Physical therapist

For most men and women, it’s much easier to help get rid of their ex plus progress with their lifestyle if they’re talking to be able to a therapist consistently. Some sort of therapist can help you to work through your sensations and ensure you’re behaving in a way that is healthy together with productive. Possessing a therapist anyone have faith in will give you someone throughout whom you can certainly confide as soon as you start internet dating as well. They can present you with objective feedback on how you’re doing and which in turn areas of your current life need more awareness or improvement.

Think Concerning What Travelled Wrong throughout Your Last Connection

It may be also important to job with your current therapist to help figure out what gone wrong during your marriage, and previous relationships. Get time to realize habits and figure out what kinds of behaviors or situations you may need to steer clear of when you get started to date once again.

Take Points Slow

When you do look for someone who piques the interest and you make a decision you need to date them, become sure to take on items slow. There’s no requirement to run into another monogamous marriage. It’s okay thus far about and to take the time when getting for you to know them. This is usually especially significant in the particular early times right after your divorce is finished. You are going to be weak during this period, plus it’s best to transfer slowly to avoid internet dating a person who’ll take advantages of you.…

free cyber security courses uk

Personnel training is an opportunity, federal government divisions are sluggish relocating leviathans and also consequently are slow-moving to take on modern technology, yet there are countless training programs around supplying on the internet training for Windows 10 fundamental procedure and also I also recognize of a number of complimentary choices with superb training sessions. Licensing price need to never ever be a trouble for a huge company with a range of choices from Microsoft that would certainly fit the remedy and price version, specifically for Federal government Organizations.

Come on, offer me a break, there is absolutely nothing even more essential to the ongoing procedure of IT systems than safety and security. Running system upgrades, spots and updates are at the core essentials of shielding your IT. Some individuals will certainly no question state that we have  stopped working to discuss monetary limitations, so allow me to claim since it will certainly have set you back the NHS even more to correct the damages done by this malware assault than it would certainly to stop it.

The possible factors are listed here:-.

  • Inappropriate or untried software application.
  • Inappropriate or untried equipment.
  • Personnel Training Program Needs.
  • Permit expense.
  • IT Team workload.

NHS Budget Plan Supervisors need to be competing for capitals or surrendering. Securing person information and client privacy is as crucial as any kind of heart bypass procedure since it will certainly set you back lives when you damage the trinity; free cyber security courses uk Privacy, Stability, Schedule. Estonia is a little nation, battling to damage devoid of the institutional and also social restraints enforced by almost 70 years of Soviet and Nazi line of work, and financial restraints of a worldwide economic crisis. A nation with a determined labor force, and a demand to secure all their nationwide wired source from assault, burglary, and exploitation.

Additionally stated that when he was utilizing his BANK CARD at a solution island on a toll Freeway, and also evidently, somebody had  obtained his pin number, and also the info off his BANK CARD in some way, and by the time he reached his location his savings account was almost vacant. And also the financial institution’s fraudulence department called him on his cellular phone. Collaborate with safety and security programs and anti-virus procedures that combat firewall program assaults and protection violations.…

hair transplant turkey

After hair transplant treatment is an important subject that patients who undertake a hair transplant procedure need to know as well as comply with consistently. All clients that had a hair transplantation surgery using a strip technique generally leave our hair transplant center with a bandage around their head. The bandage is made use of just to sustain the recently closed benefactor injury on the back of the scalp. Clients are offered a prescription for pain and anti-inflammatory drugs for an initial couple of days after surgical procedure. The opening night after hair transplantation surgical procedure, a person needs to be careful not to rub or scrape the hair transplanted location.

It is advised that all clients rest for the first days and also prevent heavy physical exercises. Those patients require coming back for medical professional evaluation and hair wash the day after surgical treatment. During this first see, the plaster is gotten rid of and also contributor wound and also the transplanted hair is evaluated. The benefactor as well as recipient locations require to be washed very carefully while teaching the client just how to wash it in your home throughout day two to 4 after hair transplantation.

Prep work for a hair transplantation

Hair washes after hair transplantation surgical procedure need to be done twice a day with a unique technique to lessen the chance of dislodging the grafts hair transplant turkey.  Clients ask if they can skip washing hair within an initial couple of days to stay clear of harming the grafts. The answer is “No”. Hair clean is a key action in hair transplantation treatment that guarantees the normal development of the hair transplanted hair follicular grafts. We have a couple of constraints in the client’s activities after hair transplants. The tasks that include the stress of the injury sides at donor location need to stay clear of for the first four weeks after surgical treatment.

Hair Transplant patients require to return to hair transplantation center at day ten after hair transplant surgical procedure to remove the staples (for people who had strip surgical treatment and benefactor is gathered steel staples) and to review the donor as well as recipient area.  For the clients who have their benefactor gathered absorbable stitches, it is advised to be seen in ten days to assess the healthiness of recipient as well as benefactor location, which includes patients that had FUE, eyebrow hair transplant, hair transplant repair work or body hair transplantation. All adhere to up browse through are consisted of in the first price of hair transplant surgery as well as patients will not be billed for any comply with-up checkouts.…

buy real Youtube subscribers

Do They Function? As a responses device any type of signed up customer can publish a video clip when as well as can obtain YouTube remarks to figure out the score of his video clip. Obtaining remarks on video clips is really crucial for score a video clip on YouTube both inside for YouTube as well as on the surface for your advertising initiatives. Guidebook Accumulation of Comments You can additionally obtain even more clients as well as even more remarks on your video clips without advertising and marketing programs.

By including a video clip on YouTube and also sharing the web link to your video clip with your buddies of Facebook and also Twitter social internet sites. From there, the viral impact enhances if individuals start to share your video clip. This kind of hand-operated sharing can aid, YouTube automated advertising programs permits you to send out messages to your pals, customers and also the customers of various other teams and so on in big amounts, real youtube subscribers increasing the result.

Do Automated YouTube Programs Work?

Several automated systems were created for raising sights, therefore boosting remarks on the video clips submitted. These automated YouTube advertising and marketing systems aid to make pal demands, share video clips immediately, share messages, article messages on networks, message remarks on video clips and so on. These systems can integrate pals, customers and also faves enabling them to access your uploaded video clips.

Information is accumulated to reveal just how several demands was successful and also just how lots of fell short as well as with the legislation of standards, if you have great material in your video clips, at some point individuals will certainly react with remarks. Automated YouTube advertising device sets aid you obtain a great deal of sights, ruches as, buy real Youtube subscribers network sights as well as remarks from many individuals. Video clips are additionally ranked based upon sight matters as well as remarks from various individuals, so the even more remarks and also sights the greater your position for any type of specific keyword phrase.

You can likewise make your video clip straight show up in Google search results page with the exact same initiatives. The mix of automated YouTube check this site out for subscribers advertising and marketing programs in addition to social media sites sharing can without a doubt bring substantial website traffic to your video clip on YouTube if effectively crafted messages are utilized with high worth material in your video clips. Much more significantly is what to do with the remark or the brand-new client.…

Dubai’s expatriate populace is steadily raising and demand for rental properties is high. To the relief of many of those looking to rent a building in Dubai, the government has actually enforced regulations specifying that any rental fee rise will not surpass 5% of the annual lease cost. There are additionally several new residential property advancements underway that ought to take some stress off the market in the close to future. The upkeep and repair work of the residential or commercial property is covered by the property owner. Lessees are not permitted to make modifications to the structure of the residential property inside or out without the consent of the landlord.

The lease will frequently be prepared between the property owner and also the lessee’s company/sponsor. , if an expat signs the lease himself he needs to have a house visa or at least a letter from his employer specifying that a visa is in procedure.. The typical duration of a lease is one year. Unlike in several countries where the rental fee is paid on a regular monthly basis, in Dubai the entire year’s lease is paid in advance, the majority of typically with 2 or 3 checks. In the case of a bi-annual settlement, the initial 6 months of the lease are paid for right away with an existing outdated check, while the rest of the year is paid for with a post-dated check. (Short-term provided month-to-month lodging in Dubai is available but it is typically extra costly.)

Special section

It is very important to comprehend that once the lease is signed, the tenant is connected to the contract. In order to terminate the lease the renter would certainly require authorization from the property owner. That being claimed, the rental legislations in Dubai Villa for Sale actually favor tenants. Landlords can not require a tenant to leave without an excellent reason (such as desiring the residential property for their own individual usage). Also if the lease is just for a year, as long as the renters do not break any type of elements of the agreement, the lease is presumed to be renewable. The Municipality has a special section established, the Dubai Rental Committee, to supervise any type of disagreements between lessees and proprietors.

They have actually started giving a lot more consideration to the representatives who can demonstrate their performance in the specialized areas rather than usually using where ever before you want you can buy rental properties in Dubai. In other words any kind of service provider that is the Jack of the whole region will absolutely be the master of none. In this period of active recession you require to be knowledgeable about such sort of firms and also only purchase Dubai residential or commercial property from a person who can offer experienced recommendations that truly aid buying Property in Dubai that will certainly never ever allow you shed your useful financial savings.…

Aging is something that all of us experience at a specific age, specifically after we reach our 30s, there are various methods to avoid and recoup from undesirable creases and great lines. Some crease therapies have actually ended up being popular because of their performance however you require to understand the threats. When we are more youthful our body generates the important components that our skin requires to remain company and flexible.

Therefore recouping from any kind of issue, yet as we mature our body loses its capability to recuperate and generate those important aspects. Collagen and elastin maintain our skin company and flexible, once our body lowers its manufacturing, our skin deteriorates and cant recuperate from creases. There is some efficient crease Fixing therapies that can rapidly smooth your skin although they are a little intrusive and pricey. Collagen shot Fillers are utilized to deal with deep creases, its efficient and the pain of the treatment is marginal, yet the outcomes will certainly last for simply a specific amount of time.

Active ingredients

Botox incapacitates the muscle mass of the skin therefore avoiding skin tightenings that trigger and reveal creases. This is extremely valuable in stopping creases from appearing, yet the outcomes will just last for around 6 months. An option for anti-aging therapies is anti-crease lotions that can make a substantial distinction in your face look as long as the cream just includes all-natural components. Several lotions on the marketplace simply include crepe erase treatment review affordable chemicals that might operate in the short-term however they injure the skin cells, aggravate, completely dry the skin and can create many more creases.

You require to try to find all-natural lotions that contain such as vitamin E, plant essences, CynergyTK, coenzyme Q10 and various other antioxidants. By advertising collagen within the body, the skin will slowly minimize creases. Acne eruptions are the last point you require on your face. There is numerous a scenario for which you wish to look you finest, therefore a body acne treatment is essential for your skin. In this post I will certainly detail some reminders that will certainly aid you.

Below are 5 reliable natural remedies you require to recognize: Toothpaste is recognized to be an acne remedy. The mint attracts warm from the place, creating them to recover. If you have completely dry skin and acne, attempt almond oil. Almond oil is a cream and offers your skin nutrients also. Some prep work is essential yet it can do the “repair service” work to your skin in regarding 12 mins.

With every passing day of the jam-packed 2012 TCOOP schedule, PokerStars is proving that tournament poker is as healthy as ever. Event 42, the $33 Rebuys NL tournament, had a $300k guaranteed prize pool, but it was almost half that before a single re-buy was even made. And after getting almost 2.5 re-buys per participant, the guaranteed pool was blown out of the water with $515,640 at stake.
What makes tournament poker, though, goes far beyond the money prizes. The success stories of players being pulled out of anonymity to be 먹튀사이트 crowned a champion is the real essence of tournament poker that has made the game so popular. And sure enough the TCOOP is crowning unheard of champions every day.
Event 42 was no exception, as the longest lasting PokerStars pro “bubbled out” of the final table. Henriqu Pinho was the last player left sporting the red spade, but with 11 players left he shoved pocket 5s into BackstabX_x’s Suited Big Slick. The small pair held up until BackstabX_x caught a fateful K on the river.
Not only did this ensure that the entire final table would be players still making a name for themselves, but it also cemented BackstabX_x as the chip leader at the final table. At the beginning of the final 9, he had more than double the stack of the second place player with over 14 million in chips.
And he never looked back, both starting and finishing in fashion. He knocked out two of the first three players to go at the final table, and then proceeded to eliminate the final three foes in just 10 hands!
Winning 10 of the last 12 hands of the tournament wrapped it up for BackstabX_x, the latest Average Joe of poker to be crowned a TCOOP champion. In less than 5 hours and just over $30 in investment, BackstabX_x went from a longtime break even player to having ~$80k in career winnings.
In just under two hours, PokerStars user alberto ka managed to rake in $90,728.44 during his TCOOP Event 19 win. The tournament, which featured the standard No Limit Hold’em, was played at Hyper Turbo speed.
So far, the Turbo Championship of Online Poker has been a smashing success for PokerStars. In Event 19 alone, some 2,724 players ponied up the necessary $210.80 buy in, bringing the total prize pool up to $574,219.20. As with several earlier events, this figure represented almost a doubling of the guarantee (which, in this case, was $300,000).
It wasn’t just the amateurs who enjoyed the Hyper Turbo action, either. More than 30 PokerStars sponsored players joined the fray, with five managing to make bank. The best of these were 2011 WSOP Champ Pius Heinz (162nd, $689.06), Nacho Barbero (62nd, $1,033.59), and Matthias De Muelder ($1,291.99).
In the end, however, the action boiled down to just two men — Brazil’s alberto ka and Russia’s daitemillion. It was the Russian, in fact, who held the chip lead for much of the battle between the two. But then, alberto ka managed to snag a queen-high flush on the turn. The two traded several raises before ka found himself all in and ahead against his opponent’s two pair. Five hands later, the match was over.
The final table (which interestingly enough had 9 different countries represented) paid out as follows:
1st: BackstabX_x ($80,896.62)
2nd: adkaf ($60,072.06)
3rd: megamakar ($42,540.30)
4th: Patq74 ($29,133.66)
5th: MagicCoin ($21,194.70)
6th: framerica ($16,758.30)
7th: yuanj ($11,601.90)
8th: Filurn ($6,445.50)
9th: markoes1 ($4,125.12)…

If you want to protect your skin, think antioxidants.

Antioxidants have gained a great deal of attention in recent years, for good reason.
They work to combat the free radical cells’ that damage your skin.

Created when oxygen produces by-products during normal cellular metabolism. More accurately, this reactive oxygen steals electrons from proteins, DNA and cell membranes resulting in damaged tissue. If left unchecked, free radicals may cause heart damage, cancer, cataracts, and a weak immune system. Free radicals may be involved with aging of tissue; and coupled with sun damage, could promote skin cancers.

While free radicals are produced by normal human metabolism, they can be increased by smoking, alcohol, exposure to heavy metals, and radiation. Antioxidants counteract this process by binding to the free radicals, transforming them into non-damaging compounds, or repairing cellular damage. It would seem logical, then, to include antioxidants in your daily regime. You can also learn about “what are the best facial fillers“, click here

Antioxidants are the antidote to free radicals. They can be taken orally or applied directly to the skin.

In order for antioxidants to have any benefit they have to be in sufficient quantities in the tissue. Common antioxidants that are taken orally, or eaten, are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and the carotenoids, (deeply or brightly-colored fruits and vegetables are best; i.e.: spinach, carrots, red bell peppers, tomatoes).

Topical antioxidants may reduce UVA damage. UVA is the wavelength that produces visible signs of sun damage and has some carcinogenic effect.

Topical antioxidants that have been studied in creams or ointments are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Glutathione, Lipoic Acid, Coenzyme Q10, Soy- isoflavanone. It has been shown that a combination of these has additional benefits.

Others such as selenium, zinc and silymarin have not been studied for their effects.

Antioxidants can be divided into those that are fat soluble and those that are water soluble.

Fat soluble is:
Vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 and lipoic acid
Water soluble is:
Glutathione and Vitamin C
Vitamin E:
The antioxidant effect can be more effective if combined with other antioxidants i.e.: coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin C
Is found in fresh vegetables, oils, seeds, nuts, cumin, and soy. Animal studies have shown that Vitamin E protects against UVB damage, although this effect has not been proved in humans. (UVB is much more carcinogenic than UVA, and causes sunburns).
Commonly used to help wound healing. However, studies in human burns did not show Vitamin E helping and about a 1/5 of patients reacted to vitamin E with a contact dermatitis).
Topical Vitamin E is commonly used by pregnant women in the belief that it prevents stretch marks. There is no evidence for this, and sometimes an acute allergic dermatitis is produced causing an inflamed uncomfortable rash.
Coenzyme Q10 (also known as Ubiquinone)
Found in fish and shell fish
It penetrates well into skin, and is claimed to reduce the breakdown of collagen after exposure to UVA light
It may reduce the depth of wrinkles but this has not been confirmed in studies
Lipoic Acid
This is well absorbed into the skin, and converted quickly into dihydrolipoic acid in the cells. It has an anti-inflammatory effect. A three per cent application of Lipoid Acid has been shown to reduce redness in the skin after UVB exposure.
This antioxidant is produced by amino acids, eysteine, glycine and glutamic acid.
Vitamin C
Also known as Ascorbic Acid
Oral Vitamin C improves wound healing and may enhance the immune system
The lack of vitamin C produces scurvy; causing fragile skin and bleeding gums.
Topical Vitamin C
Reduces sun damage, fine wrinkles, and may lighten dark skin pigmentation.
Green Tea (Tea polyphenols)

When used topically as a cream
Has shown to reduce the carcinogenic effect of certain chemicals and ultraviolet rays on the skin of animals. We are still awaiting good evidence for benefit in humans.
Produces anti-inflammatory effects
Reduces the redness caused by UV light.
DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)
Occurs naturally in our bodies
When taken orally, DHEA is a powerful antioxidant that may have an anti-aging effect and help thicken skin and reduce pigmentation
It is not known if there are any long-term negative effects from oral injection.
When used topically it may increase collagen and decrease redness and damage from ultraviolet rays
For more information about caring for your skin, visit the rest of this site.…

Insurance is familiar to most of us. We know about auto insurance, health insurance, homeowners and renters insurance, and life insurance. What many people overlook, however, is something equally important: long-term care insurance.
Although it may be far from your mind right now, the time to consider long-term care insurance is before you need it. As people get older, we find that we simply don’t get around like we used to. Eventually, many of us will need some Brassica Fintech assistance with the tasks of day-to-day life.
More than 70 percent of people in the U.S. over the age of 65 will eventually need long-term care assistance. Seniors are most likely to need long-term care. The majority of residents in assisted living facilities are 85 years of age or older. But up to 40 percent of long-term care claims are from people under 65.
What does long-term care insurance do for you?
Long-term care insurance pays for the cost of personal care in the event that you become unable to perform some basic functions of living. These include eating, dressing, bathing, and walking. This care may be provided in the home, in a nursing home, or an assisted living facility.

Source: Dog tags make final journey home to WWII veteran by licensed under U.S. Government works
Why should you consider long-term care insurance?
Long-term care insurance is crucial for many people. Assisted living care is expensive and the cost keeps rising. The cost of a private room in a nursing facility in 2016 was $7,700 per month. Meanwhile, the cost of an in-home health aide averages $19 per hour. Long-term care without insurance could easily deplete an individual’s savings. This could end up being a retirement planning mistake that will ruin your savings.
A common reason people buy long-term care insurance is to protect a spouse from financial ruin. The high costs of long-term care could leave a spouse in dire financial straits.
Source: Stethoscope on Money by Canon EOS 5D Mark III licensed under CC0 1.0
Can you just have your relatives take care of you?
Can you rely on your children or other family members to take care of you? Eighty percent of long-term care is provided by unpaid caregivers at home.
However, caregiving is time-intensive and exhausting for the caregiver. The caregiver makes significant sacrifices. They must expend personal resources. The person might have to give up or cut back on employment, He or she might even move to be close to you. Would your relatives be prepared to make this sacrifice? Sixty-seven percent of people plan to have a relative provide long-term care, but haven’t asked.
What are the different types of long-term care insurance?
If you’re thinking about LTC insurance, there are many choices. Some people need help for just a few hours per day or week, such as assistance with medications or physical therapy. Others need more extensive support, either in their homes or at an assisted living facility. Those with debilitating illnesses may require round-the-clock care in a nursing facility.
Long-term care insurance policies vary widely. You can choose the types and level of care available, the amount paid out per day, the waiting period before the policy takes effect, preexisting health conditions, and whether the payouts are adjusted annually for inflation.
There may be group policies available through your employer or an organization you belong to. You should carefully examine the terms and limitations of group policies. Sometimes employer-provided coverage ends at retirement or at a certain age.
Another variable is the duration of care. Many people believe that once people need long-term care, they will need it for many years. In fact, the average length of a nursing home stay is about 2.5 years. Only 10% of people who enter a nursing home stay there for five or more years. Thirty-eight percent of nursing home residents are eventually discharged to go home or to another location.
When should you think about purchasing long-term care insurance?
Long-term care insurance s least expensive when you are relatively young and healthy. The most common age at which LTC insurance is purchased is the mid-fifties to age 60. The annual cost of LTC insurance for a 55-year-old couple in 2012 with a $150/day benefit, three year benefit period, and 3% annual inflation adjustment was $2,080 to $4,824. For a 60-year-old couple in 2012, the average cost for the same insurance was $2,794 to $5,637.
Would Medicare help with any of your long-term care expenses?
Medicare and Medicaid can help pay some of the costs. If you are eligible for Medicare benefits, it will cover up to 100 days of skilled care per benefit period in a nursing home. Medicare pays the full cost for the first 20 days, and then you make a copayment for the remaining 80 days.
Medicaid is a state-run program for lower-income residents. It includes some long-term care provisions, which depend on the state you reside in.
Therefore, if you are eligible for Medicaid in your state, you may not need to purchase LTC insurance, since Medicaid may cover it. Many people who have some savings pay for long-term care out of pocket, until their savings draw down and they become eligible for Medicaid.
Conversely, if your assets exceed a certain level, such as around $2 million, then LTC insurance may also not be right for you since you may be able to finance the costs of care yourself.
Should you purchase long-term care insurance?
Source: pixabay by BookBabe licensed under CC0 1.0
The decision of whether to buy long-term care insurance is a personal one. It depends on your and your family’s individual situation. It can be an important part of an overall retirement strategy. But you need to consider your savings and income, and your retirement goals. Long-term care insurance can be expensive, and premiums increase dramatically with age.
It’s possible you might not need LTC insurance. A survey in 2005 found over thirty percent of people aged 65 never need long-term care during the remainder of their lives. This includes 42 percent of men and 21 percent of women.
So even if you purchase LTC insurance, you may seldom or never use it. Once paid, the premiums are gone, whether you use the insurance or not. Statistically, if you purchase a LTC policy at age 60, the chance that you’ll use it is 50 percent. Most residents of long-term care facilities are age 80 or over. So if a person buys a policy at age 60 that costs $5,000 per year, they will pay $100,000 for something they may not use for 20 years, if ever.
What are some alternatives to long-term care insurance?
In addition to LTC insurance and self-financing, there are other options for financing long-term care. Some life insurance policies include an accelerated death benefit provision. With these, you can receive part of your death benefit while you’re living. These help to meet expenses such as long-term care.
You can also buy an annuity that covers long-term care. For example, you could obtain an annuity with a long-term care rider. Like a regular annuity, you pay a lump sum upfront. In a certain number of years you begin receiving monthly payouts. If you need long-term care, however, the rider would pay double your regular monthly payout for a certain number of years to help cover your LTC costs.
Another alternative would be to invest your savings. Investing in stocks and bonds over time may produce the sum you need to pay for assisted living care. That depends, of course, on the performance of your investments.…

Poker: A Game of Skill or a Game of Luck? Part XIII
So, we have established before that poker is a game of skill, and that it would take quite some skill in order to be consistently successful at hk prize . Anyone who has ever grinded knows this. There is a reason why every final table in recent memory has a recurring name from somewhere. Either they have been extremely lucky on multiple occasions or there is something else going on.
The incredible part is that yours truly has foretelling powers. I foretold that this would happen, and why it would happen. You can read more if you take a read into our friendly community, located here. The wiretapping act is an excellent example. And sadly, so is our beloved poker.

The issue at hand is once again if what we know for certain is actually true. Is poker actually a game of skill, making it legal, or a game of chance, making it illegal?

In Pennsylvania, they have recently made poker and other table games legal in all casinos . But, prior to this, Allan Richard Campbell and his wife Caro, both coming from McDonald, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, would host poker games in their garage for a long time. Both of them received sentences from U.S. District Judge David Cercone on the basis of running an illegal sports betting and lottery-style gambling ring. Good thing we are not in the prohibition era or they would have slammed them on alcohol charges too. As punishment, Mr. Campbell received a sentence of 17 months (despite the best efforts of the prosecution who wanted a sentence of no less than two years) in federal prison. Mr. Campbell is 72 years old. Mrs. Campbell, on her own part, received two years probation. Yup, they brought down the banhammer alright.

Mr. Campbell pled guilty to several conspiracy charges, including conspiracy to engage in illegal gambling, money laundering, falsification of income tax documents (a favorite of many a prosecutor) and illegal possession of a gun by a convicted felon. Next to his 17 months in prison, the US government seized a ton of his assets, including $250,000 in cash, 8 vehicles, and upwards of 5 figures in savings bonds.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Campbell had a record of prior convictions for running illegal gambling operations, which seems to be the reason that the prosecutors would seek such tough sentences for the two oldies.

But there is more. Recently, an appeals court would overturn the ruling, declaring that poker is a game of skill. In a game of skill, even if you are wagering with money, it is not considered gambling because it’s a part of the game. A three panel judge voted, and it came down to a 2 to 1 decision that Columbia/Montour County Judge Thomas James Jr. erred when he said that poker, as we know it, is not a game of chance because the outcome of the game depends more upon the skill of the players involved rather than chance. This was huge. If there was no gambling involved it would be impossible to be running gambling rings, now would it?

But luck had it that this group of judges saw sense, and these old timers would walk.

But you just know a cog will be thrown into that smooth moving machinery, the only question is when. And it happened, just two days after Judge Thomas James Jr. showed a bit of knowledge in the matter. Judge Kate Ford Elliott and Senior Judge Robert Freedberg (Senior Judge Robert Colville dissented) basically said that poker, as we know it, is a game of chance. They cited the opinions of other courts, in the ultimate case of the blind leading the deaf and the deaf leading the mute, who ruled that while there is some skill involved, poker is and will always remain a game of chance. Someone should send an SMS to Phil Ivey telling him that, and also message his opponents that they should not fear his skill, but only his massive luckbox.

So now, the Campbell couple is back at square one. Stay tuned and we will bring you more (rather opinionated, but correct AND accurate!) information on the matter. Remember folks: poker is unique in that it combines luck and skill. The only thing is that luck, when it manifests itself, does make its presence felt with the force of an earthquake, while skill is always present in the game but much more subdued. We have all seen hole-in-ones in golf, but we cannot ever say that someone who scores a hole in one does so because he is just that skilled, right? Or hitting for the cycle in baseball? Luck is always involved in everything, but those with skill will always prevail. That is reality.…

신규가입 꽁머니 XIV continued last night with the first rebuy event of this year’s series. Actually, Event #4 was a $200 + $16 no-limit Hold’em tournament allowing 1 rebuy and 1 add-on and guaranteeing a prize pool of at least $600,000. This guarantee was surpassed as 1,406 players entered the game and purchased 979 total rebuys and 912 add-ons, swelling the prize to $659,400.
Andrew Black played host to this event and was joined by 18 other Full Tilt Poker Pros, including Berry Johnston, David Pham, Huck Seed, and Scott Fischman. The last pro standing was Ram Vaswani, a member of the famed Hendon Mob and the only player to reach the final table of 3 European Poker Tour events.
With such a nice prize pool there’s no doubt most players had their mind on the $141,771 first place prize. When play got down to the final table, there was mostly unknown players and a couple of very good players left, as is fairly typical for these large events. The two most well-known players, at least in Full Tilt tournament circles, were ProbBluffingYou (who also plays as ASPoker8 on PokerStars) and Doc Sands.
The action at the final table was pretty hectic, as players seemed unafraid to put all the money in the middle. Doc Sands was eliminated in 5th place, taking down $39,564 for the effort and solidifying his spot as one of the most feared players on Full Tilt. His wins this year include the $30 rebuy ($9,127), the $1K Monday ($89,250), the $50 rebuy ($19,857.25), and the Nightly Hundred Grand at PokerStars ($19,514.40). Oh, wait, that’s only since September!! He also won the Sunday 500 on Stars in August ($90,097.20), FTOPS XII Event #10 for $259,440 in May, The Fifty-Fifty ($10,953.50) and Sunday Mulligan ($53,020) in April along with numerous other 1st place finishes and countless final tables. In other words, he’s having a great year.
Outlasting them all though was Kiv56, who played heads-up with archwatcher for the title. Archwatcher was probably the most active player at the table, as he had built up a relatively large stack and seemed willing to use it to his advantage.
Event #24 of FTOPS XV was an extremely unique event. It was a $500 buy-in tourney with a twist: it was a Super Turbo. The 910 players that entered the event began with 300 chips and the blinds beginning at 15/30. In other words, the players only began with 30 big blinds! Without needing to be said, this event is among the shortest of all the FTOPS events. This season’s Super Turbo event only lasted two hours and forty-five minutes. One-hundred two players made it into the money.
The final table was seated as follows:
Seat 1 – Bttech86 (79,014)
Seat 2 – The FatFISH (33,419)
Seat 3 – The Fiend 34 (46,356)
Seat 4 – glowin20 (25,682)
Seat 5 – AZNNC (20,724)
Seat 6 – Mcmatto (67,805)
As the final table began, blinds were up to 1,200/2,400 with an ante of 300. The largest stack has 33 big blinds which foreshadowed a short final table to follow. A large hand brewed as TheFatFISH’s AcKd saw a AhTh5h flop. Unfortunately, the same flop gave The Fiend 34 a set with his TdTc. TheFatFISH was drawing thin. The 8d turn or Qh river did not help TheFatFISH and he finished in sixth place.
The very next hand, The Fiend 34 scored another knockout. He knocked out glowin20’s As9d with his KdQd and was the first played to cross the 100,000 chips mark. Bttech86 took a beating for most of his chips when he shoved the button with Ad2d and AZNNC called with AcKh. Bttech86 was in bad shape with only 4,000 more chips. He hit the rail two hands later when he was knocked out by Mcmatto.
The table proceeded peacefully until the following hand changed that. AZNNC’s QdQh was up against The Fiend 34’s AdKh. Unfortunately for The Fiend 34, the JhJd7d7s2h board failed to pair any of his hole cards. AZNNC won the 178,000 chip pot and left The Fiend 34 ailing with 17,000 chips. Soon after, The Fiend 34’s Ac2h lost to Mcmatto’s Qd9c and he was knocked out of the tournament.
Heads-up play started with the two players agreeing to a chop that would secure $80,000 for each of them. Heads-up play did not last long (as was expected). In the final hand of the tournament, Mcmatto went all-in from the button with QsTs. AZNNC called with Ad6c and the lead. Lady Luck was not on AZNNC’s side however as the Th8s4c gave Mcmatto the lead. The 9c on the turn gave AZNNC some hope with a gutshot straight draw, but the river was a 5d. Mcmatto took home the pot, $80,842.50, and the Golden Jersey for his win in FTOPS XV Event #24.…

Event 13 of the keluar sgp VI started on Nov 17, but didn’t finish until Nov 18! This is because it was a 2-Day event, only the second of its kind. The game was No-Limit Hold’em, and only the players who play the highest stakes took part as the buyin was $2500 + $120. This event had the second largest guarantee, at $1,500,000. However, a lot of higher stakes players liked the slow structure and the idea of the 2 day event, so 698 people brought the total prize pool up to $1,745,000! This event was hosted by well known pro, John Juanda. Juanda has 3 WSOP bracelets, 5 WPT final tables, and has won 3 all around best player awards. Quite the resume!
The structure of this event was very slow and deep, allowing for a lot of play. The tournament played on Day 1 until the final 2 tables, of level 15, whichever was sooner. Once play resumed on Day 2, it was a mostbet battle for the money. Just placing in the money (72 or better) earned you $3900! If you happen to get lucky and hit the final table you could say hello to at least $31,410.00! If you want to hear sick, the winner would take down almost a half million dollars! And sick it was for wuddacooler, who must have had some coolers go his way because he won the second ever 2 day event for $418,800.00! Congrats to him and everyone else who place in the money in the $2620 NLH 2 Day, Event 13 of the FTOPS 6:

Event #13 Results – FTOPS VI
Place Player ID $ Won
1 wuddacooler $418,800.00
2 Kongsgaard $261,750.00
3 Don K The Hutt $196,312.50
4 heyfreddy $148,325.00
5 cobey $113,425.00
6 Aaron Bartley $78,525.00
7 Sircall $54,095.00
8 amak316 $41,880.00
9 jman5j23 $31,410.00
10 mattg1983 $17,450.00
11 NotoriousBIL $17,450.00
12 fangus1 $17,450.00
13 McGuiler $13,087.50
14 steaming $13,087.50
15 FishRoller $13,087.50
16 rVrDyTaGn $8,725.00
17 1999TL $8,725.00
18 NES_Pro $8,725.00
19 Goods123 $6,980.00
20 MrSmokey1 $6,980.00
Event 11 of the FTOPS VI was held on Nov 15 and would be one sport kazakhstan for the hardcore poker players, HORSE. With a $500 + $35 buyin, there was at least $250,000 guaranteed. With the addition of the 50k HORSE tourney at the WSOP, this game has suddenly started to gain the attention of many people. It is a limit game composed of Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and Stud8. This event was hosted by the lady of poker, Jennifer Harman. She has 2 WSOP bracelets and one of the most feared poker players today, male or female!
peluang menang game kartu poker online hanya bersama kami poker369 yang mendapatkan sertifikat resmi.
With its gaining popularity, this HORSE tournament attracted 623 players, sending the prize pool up to $311,500. 64 people would earn at least $1300, while a seat at the final table would take $4,672.50. The winner of the event would be happy with his $70k+, just ask tommyboy83. He topped the field in one of the most respectable games today, defeating Dainiux heads up. Here is everyone who placed in the money and the amount won for $535 HORSE Event 11 of the FTOPS 6:

Event #11 Results – FTOPS VI
Place Player ID $ Won
1 tommyboy83 $72,236.85
2 Dainiux $47,503.75
3 riverboatking $33,019.00
4 CamasGoose $21,182.00
5 ms12345 $13,083.00
6 frostey $9,033.50
7 blewpoker $6,853.00
8 Bustable $4,672.50
9 Pelopidas $3,270.75
10 Tutnik $3,270.75
11 dupuytren $3,270.75
12 ema_aa88 $3,270.75
13 Nospleen $2,647.75
14 CaseyTheKid $2,647.75
15 Abruzzi John $2,647.75…

Pengembang perangkat lunak Kanada Chartwell Technology Inc. telah mengumumkan bahwa mereka telah terlibat untuk menyediakan kasino virtual gratis untuk portal hiburan Chartwell dan akan berbagi pendapatan iklan yang dihasilkan oleh kasino online

“Hubungan ini merupakan langkah lain dalam perluasan bisnis sgp hari ini ke bidang konten hiburan Internet murni,” kata Darold Parken, Presiden Chartwell Technology. “ adalah portal hiburan yang luar biasa dan cocok untuk perangkat lunak game kami.”

“Mencakup serangkaian permainan bergaya kasino di telah menjadi langkah besar dalam menjadikan situs kami situs web terlengkap di dan tentang kota yang menarik ini,” kata Jack Harpster, direktur eksekutif Donrey Media Interactive, perusahaan induk Internet. situs portal.

“Kami bermitra dengan Chartwell Technology untuk menyediakan kasino virtual kami karena mereka yang terbaik dalam bisnis ini,” katanya.

Jupiter Communication memperkirakan bahwa lebih dari 3,7 juta konsumen di Amerika Serikat bermain game melalui Internet, menghasilkan pendapatan sekitar US$81 juta pada tahun 1998, dan memproyeksikan bahwa 26,8 juta konsumen akan menghasilkan pendapatan bermain game sebesar US$1,1 miliar pada tahun 2002.

Chartwell baru-baru ini mengembangkan kasino gratis untuk Harrah’s Entertainment.

Pembayaran Cash Splash Mencapai $1 Juta di CCasino

Caribbean Cyber ​​Online Casino (C3i) mengatakan telah memberikan lebih dari satu juta dolar kepada pemain yang telah memenangkan jackpot progresif Cash Splash di Kasino Online Singapura mereka. Salah satu pemenang terbaru dari Caribbean Cyber ​​Online Casino adalah James Poole, yang baru-baru ini mendapatkan jackpot Cash Splash untuk ketiga kalinya, membuat total kemenangannya $181.723.

Tuan Poole memenangkan Cash Splash untuk pertama kalinya pada tanggal 17 Oktober, memenangkan $85.464,21, kedua kalinya pada tanggal 18 Desember, memenangkan jackpot $54.014.37 dan akhirnya pada tanggal 22 Januari, memenangkan $42.244,56.

“Kurasa aku baru saja lahir beruntung,” kata Tuan Poole. “Saya menghubungkan keberuntungan fantastis saya sebagian besar dengan ketekunan.”

Cash Splash adalah jaringan mesin slot progresif terbesar di Internet. Permainan ini tersedia di sebagian besar kasino yang menggunakan perangkat lunak Microgaming. Rata-rata Cash Splash dimenangkan dua kali sehari.

Untuk menemukan jackpot terbesar di Internet pada saat tertentu, kunjungi halaman Jackpot Terbesar WINNERonline.…

While some online casinos make various claims of being the biggest, the oldest, the best, one thing doesn’t lie, and that’s the numbers. Only one online casino can truly have the best payout percentages, and that’s Omni Casino™ & Sportsbook.

Omni Casino’s payout percentages are reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers and they have been awarded “best payout percentages” for the month of February 2002, by and have been the highest of all rated online casinos, three of the first four months of this year.

You don’t have to search long to find out the reason why. It’s the highest progressive jackpots that make it possible. Just ask the latest player in the long list of Omni Casino’s big winners, long time player “PLUMB”, who hit a jackpot that paid him $146,193.57 on Tuesday evening. “I felt really lucky all day while I was playing at Omni, but I didn’t realize how lucky I was until I saw 5 spades, Ace through ten, I just thought to myself, ‘I hope the dealer qualifies.'” He would still win the progressive jackpot, even if the dealer didn’t qualify.

Just a few days earlier, player “Durango” won over $18,000.00 on the Single Player Let- it- Ride Poker Table. On Valentine’s Day, a long time player “mark” hit a Royal Straight Flush on Multi-Player Spice Island Poker and won over $140,000.00.

It doesn’t look like Omni Casino™ is ready to slow down in the huge jackpot department either, the progressive jackpot has already been reset to $100,000.00, and is waiting to be hit once more.

Omni Casino™ & Sportsbook is a leading provider of online Slot Gacor casino gambling. The company is licensed by the government of Antigua and Barbuda and was formed in 1997. Omni Casino™ & Sportsbook is committed to providing customers with the most exciting and rewarding gaming experience on the net. Handling over a quarter of a billion dollars in wagers per year, Omni Casino™ & Sportsbook prides itself on excellent customer service, and exceeding the expectations of all levels of players.

Internet Casino Gambling -The Player’s Money Machine

“Sometimes a machine is hot, red hot. And that’s when you make the majority of your winnings. Games on the internet are the same, when they’re hot, they’re hot. And that’s they only way to explain it…”

At least that is how internet gaming analyst Will Valentine explains the phenomenal $400,000 in combined mega-jackpots won by InterCasino ( players this past week.

The “hot streak” began with “Billie”, who won a sizable $102,263 last Thursday playing on the wildly popular Rags to Riches slot machine. Over the past months this machine constantly proved itself as the net’s one armed Santa Claus rather than a one-armed bandit.

Later in the same week “Barb”, the newly crowned online video-poker queen, proved her wit and poker guile when she beat the Spice Island Progressive Poker machine twice in one day for a combined win of $192,000. “That was one super Sunday for Barb. She got a $100 bonus from me in the morning and then rolled that into $192,000 by the end of the day.” Tells magnanimous InterCasino manager Ryan Hartley. He continues, “Barb is now one of the most successful female poker players on the internet.”

Two days after Barb’s $192,000 Sunday, player “mgpg33” hit a $118,596 progressive jackpot on the same steaming hot Rags To Riches slot machine that paid “Billie” her $102,263 just four days prior. Between Billie and mpgp33’s jackpots, Rags to Riches has paid out over $220,000 in progressive wins within one week, making InterCasino’s Rags to Riches the hottest slot on the Internet.

So what does a pros make of all this? Will Valentine explains… “The Rags to Riches game is definitely on a streak. Anytime a slot pays out over $100,000 on more than one occasion within a short period of time -its on a roll. If you throw Barb’s video poker win into the equation, then it starts to look like it may be the InterCasino server itself that’s on the roll. That being the case, players could expect to see jackpots springing up from all over the casino. In the next few weeks players may see strong winning patterns developing like repeat sequential chances at video-slot bonus levels and additional progressive slot and poker payouts.”…

The action was sure to be fast paced heading into Wednesday’s result hk Event #17. The format for this event was 6-max NL Hold’em with rebuys, and featured a $1,000,000 guarantee. With a $300+$22 buyin, the 1,059 entries ponied up 2,239 rebuys and 727 add-ons, making the final prize pool an impressive $1,207,500.

The final three tables were loaded with big names, including ChipSteela, eisenhower1, Luke “IWEARGOGGLES” Staudenmaier, the ever-dangerous Chris “MoormanI” Moorman, and top online and live pro Kevin “BeL0WaB0Ve” Saul (GetPWN3D on Full Tilt). The Full Tilt red pros also had a strong showing, with Ram Vaswani and Nick Schulman both making the final two tables.

Headed into the final table, IWEARGOGGLES held the chip lead, followed by MishkaT. IWEARGOGGLES ended up going out in 3rd place leaving MishkaT and Kevin Saul heads up. After a long battle, MishkaT ended up with the win and a whopping $251,763.75 payday.

Saul ended up taking home $167,842.50 for his 2nd place finish, continuing an incredible recent hot streak. He recently finished 4th in FTOPS Event #12 for $105,000 and also won Full Tilt’s $40K guaranteed $163 buyin tournament for $15,938.

Congratulations to all 120 players who ended up cashing in Event #17:

FTOPS IX Event #17 – $300+$22 NLHE 6-Max Rebuy

1 MishkaT $251,763.75
2 GetPWN3D $167,842.50
3 IWEARGOGGLES $119,542.50
4 Masterhp $89,355.00
5 eisenhower1 $63,997.50
6 Claw1980 $41,055.00
7 GulahPapyrus $25,357.50
8 Ram Vaswani $25,357.50
9 ChrisChun $18,112.50
10 Nick Schulman $18,112.50
11 bmwmcoupe $13,282.50
12 BaDMnKeY $13,282.50
13 MoormanI $9,660.00
14 DurangoDan35 $9,660.00
15 blur5f6 $9,660.00
16 tibster1 $7,848.75
17 aka_advanced $7,848.75
18 ChipSteela $7,848.75
19 R WilliamsonIII $6,520.50
20 78Morrow $6,520.50
21 Greg__Chimp $6,520.50
22 JealousMonk $6,520.50
23 Rachel0226 $6,520.50
24 mendieta19 $6,520.50
25 nut5ta5tegr8 $5,433.75
26 rplrplft $5,433.75
27 xRIPCURLx $5,433.75
28 msd337 $5,433.75
29 Teledonk $5,433.75
30 badbeatninja $5,433.75
31 PatHuntKK $4,588.50
32 PhukMath $4,588.50
33 johnny3600 $4,588.50
34 holmslice24 $4,588.50
35 titantom32 $4,588.50
36 garage13 $4,588.50
37 davidpark174 $3,864.00
38 Nikolay Evdakov $3,864.00
39 mossified84 $3,864.00
40 ProbBluffingYou $3,864.00
41 bearbuck $3,864.00
42 ckingusc $3,864.00
43 idiotray $3,260.25
44 number1PEN $3,260.25
45 WHENTHUGSCRY $3,260.25
46 SN8WMAN $3,260.25
47 chicagocards1 $3,260.25
48 d4donkey $3,260.25
49 ersherman $3,260.25
50 Jeff Madsen $3,260.25
51 elsobado $3,260.25
52 allinstevie $3,260.25
53 HMM_SURE $3,260.25
54 PickyTooth $3,260.25
55 FresnoDull $2,777.25
56 SlyTony $2,777.25
57 Monster Kill $2,777.25
58 THAY3R $2,777.25
59 TheMrC $2,777.25
60 LobiS $2,777.25
61 Deucerboy $2,777.25
62 senior jota $2,777.25
63 Proctor998 $2,777.25
64 hawkjb1 $2,777.25
65 MegaB1te $2,777.25
66 jomama7769 $2,777.25
67 mastrblastr $2,415.00
68 jenafufu $2,415.00
69 USCphildo $2,415.00
70 loudog79 $2,415.00
71 gboro780 $2,415.00
72 dorinvandy $2,415.00
73 actionDJ $2,415.00
74 ThePh0neBo0tH $2,415.00
75 donttakeshots $2,415.00
76 KKCracker $2,415.00
77 CHARLES OAKLEY $2,415.00
78 jcgoheels $2,415.00
79 HateItOrLoveIt $2,415.00
80 UgottaBkiddin $2,415.00
81 Liinda14 $2,415.00
82 FLIMSIN $2,415.00
83 CoinFlip $2,415.00
84 Chorfrek $2,415.00
85 LUVEMnLEAVUM $2,052.75
86 TheWacoKidd $2,052.75
87 bgmula $2,052.75
88 GhettoFabolous $2,052.75
89 Jagz7 $2,052.75
90 JCarver $2,052.75
91 flash237 $2,052.75
92 PayStation $2,052.75
93 ArjangNocash $2,052.75
94 imabigkidnow $2,052.75
95 Ersi79 $2,052.75
96 Megabet101 $2,052.75
97 PureCash25 $2,052.75
98 hikkespett $2,052.75
99 gkdk111 $2,052.75
100 calibra33 $2,052.75
101 CalBandGreat $2,052.75
102 agriffrod $2,052.75
103 IFoldToAPush $1,811.25
104 scatterbrain123 $1,811.25
105 Michnak $1,811.25
106 Enders Cards $1,811.25
107 AllenCunningham $1,811.25
108 JCMags $1,811.25
109 BlingersBack $1,811.25
110 mad00house $1,811.25
111 Randers $1,811.25
112 20542 $1,811.25
113 Cre8ive $1,811.25
114 mman_status $1,811.25
115 REDCRUSHER1 $1,811.25
116 busto_soon $1,811.25
117 Tmay420 $1,811.25
118 snackking $1,811.25
119 potroast $1,811.25
120 Todula $1,811.25…


The ‘Inside’ Story

What exactly, does inside or double inside, 1 gap, 2 gaps mean?

The poker term inside originally was applied to a straight draw such as 4578 that required an exact card (a 6 in this case) cutting the number of cards that could fill it in half (from 8 to 4) as compared to the open straight draw 4567. This is generally not a good play because the pot is not usually big enough to cover the long odds of making the hand. A hand that is cut off at one end (A234) while in sequence is still inside because it requires a specific card to fill it (a 5) rather than one of two. In video poker, you cannot fold, so inside and even double inside straights and straight flushes are often held. Obviously, if you’re holding 4 cards you cannot have a double inside draw; this refers to at most, a 3-card draw. If two exact cards are required to fill a 3 card hand that is a double inside (or 2 gap) draw. Examples vary from Axx (where the small x’s represent any two card combination of 2,3,4,or 5) to AXX (where the large X’s represent any two cards from K-T – this higher hand would not usually be playable in games other than Pickem – in Jacks or Better one or two high cards would be held.) In between those extremes the double inside draws can usually be easily spotted by the two cards at the extremities 2×6, 5×9, and so on. The key is there is only one combination of two cards that will fill it.

Any 3-card draw needs two cards to fill it. We have seen what the สล็อตมือถือ double inside draw looks like. It needs two exact cards to fill it. If all four cards (two at each end) can be used to fill it then it is an open (no gaps) straight, like 567 or 89T. There are three combinations of cards that can be made to fill these straights. For example with 567 you can fill with 34, 48 or 89.

If three cards can be used to fill it then it is an inside straight. Only two combinations can fill these. For example, KQJ and KJT are both inside straight draws. So is 578 or 234 – even though the 234 hand is sequential it is cut off at one end and only 3 cards can be used to fill it – the ace, 5 and 6 in this case, giving the fill combinations A5 and 56. All (single) inside 3 card hands have just two combinations that can fill them.

Finally in Deuces Wild, the hand cannot be considered to be open if the deuce is required on one end. Thus the 3 rather than the ace, is the terminator card at the bottom. Thus 567 is open, 456 is single inside and so on.

Until next time, may your results exceed your expectations!…