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When I first heard that the hugely successful Tunica World Poker Open would be going head to head with the equally well-received Reno Hilton World Poker Challenge in January, 2002-the dates for the two events are virtually identical-I felt, like most members of the major poker tournament scene, greatly disappointed.

After all, there are seven great tournaments in the U.S. each year, and here we had two of them now operating it total competition with one another, making it impossible for the big time tournament players to attend both.

What could have caused this, I wondered? Management at both events is top flight. Why should one tournament try to hurt the other and almost certainly hurt itself? Had this become some sort of poker “pissing contest?”

It turns out that none of those preliminary judgments or guesses were even remotely correct: some unfortunate timing, and some completely benign decisions by management, left the two tournaments facing one another.

I’ll get to those reasons in a moment, but I soon realized that this overlap created an opportunity for the mid-level tournament player to score in a prestigious event, because the top hundred players in the world can’t be in two places at one time, and that means that even though the fields in both tournaments will be tough, they can’t possibly be as tough as they would be if they each held their own space.

In other words, if you’re a good but not great tournament Sbobet player, the overlap that so dismays the poker elite may just provide you with the opportunity of a poker lifetime. Ditto for the average tournament player who is hoping for that one big score.

OK, so that’s the good news. How did the situation come to pass, and what can players expect to see in Tunica?

Originally, the World Poker Open was the creation of Jack Binion, a poker legend who for so many years ran poker’s Holy Grail, the World Series of Poker. When Jack and sister Becky had a parting of the ways, Becky retained control of the Las Vegas Binion’s Horseshoe, and Jack opened his own Horseshoe in Tunica, Mississippi.

The first two World Poker Opens were roaring successes by almost any definition. Although I chose not to attend either (more on that in a moment-it’s important), I heard nothing but absolutely spectacular reports about not merely the events, but about all the little (and not so little) things that help make a poker tournament successful:

Awesome side action, with thirty to forty round the clock games at any limit you could imagine, with plenty of players who seemed willing to mix it up (One fairly famous and reliable poker friend of mine told me she had never won as much in side action as she had at the first WPO, and she hadn’t even felt that she’d gotten so many great cards).

Great rooms at great prices ($29 for rooms throughout the tournament, including the weekends).

Incredible food (not that the average poker player has high gastronomical standards) served with expected southern hospitality.

Now, I could excuse myself for missing an event like this the first time around, because the WPO was, after all, a new tournament, and even with Jack Binion’s name behind it, I couldn’t be sure what it would be like, and Tunica is a long way from LA.

The second time around, though, I passed on Tunica because the World Series of Poker had backed up its starting time to within a week of Tunica’s finish (the first year, there was a two week separation). Knowing that I planned to spend a month in Las Vegas covering the WSOP, the thought of three weeks in Tunica with almost no turnaround time seemed a bit much to me, if I planned on having any kind of a life outside poker for those two months.

For 2002, Jack Binion faced a dual dilemma. There were rumors, unclear at the time but still credible, that the WSOP was going to continue to expand its schedule and move its starting time closer to the Tunica finish. If a one-week turnaround was going to be tough for people who don’t devote their lives to poker (and that’s a description that applies to most participants in both events), no turnaround time figured to be devastating to the WPO.

Second, the Las Vegas Club starting talking about running its own tournament during the exact same period, and even though the LVC event wouldn’t be as big as the WPO, a simultaneous event was going to cause problems for Horseshoe poker room manager Ken Lambert.

“We’ve always had problems getting enough quality dealers to come to Tunica,” Lambert told me. “We’ve made it, but not with much margin to spare. For an event of this magnitude, you want the very best, and a lot of the very best dealers are in Las Vegas. Unless we put together some sort of incredible financial package, we felt it would be difficult to lure dealers out of Las Vegas to come to Tunica.”

The final piece of the difficult puzzle was set when the Horseshoe and neighboring property The Gold Strike went searching for a time slot when they could offer poker players the inexpensive rooms they like so much. The event is too large for either hotel to manage individually and so it is run as a collaborative effort. This doesn’t cause any problems for the players because, as Lambert told me, “the two buildings are so close that you’d have to walk really slow to get wet if it were raining.” For those of you interested in less colloquial measures of distance, it’s about 50 yards.

he two facilities wanted to set aside roughly 850 rooms for the event, and only have 1,600 rooms to start with (as of this writing, with nearly six weeks to go before the event, more than 500 rooms have been reserved at the $29 rate). Of course, the Reno Hilton doesn’t exactly come up short in this department either: they offer $25 rooms for the duration of the WPC!

As a result, Binion, Tournament Director Jim Albrecht (himself a WSOP legend), and Tournament Coordinator Jack McClelland, along with Lambert, decided to do something they didn’t want to do: go head to head with a tournament they like and whose management they respect. McClelland is certainly tournament poker’s all-time greatest director, but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone else you’d consider putting ahead of Reno’s Dave Lamb.

“It’s a real shame,” Binion told me. “We certainly weren’t trying to damage Reno. I think it’s important for poker tournaments to try to cooperate with one another, and try to build up poker overall, rather than fighting over what action there is. But we got boxed in by room availability. Players weren’t going to want to shuttle in from hotels 20 miles away.”

Even though Binion wasn’t anxious to get into “we’re better because…” kinds of statements, he was willing to talk about what he thinks makes the Tunica event the great tournament that it is.

“Number one, I would have to say, is our side action,” Binion said. “People are really surprised at how good the action is in the south, especially in the higher limit games.”

Lambert’s experience also provides a good reason to come to Tunica. Lambert has been more or less following Binion around since he was 16 years old and got a job as a busboy at the downtown Las Vegas Hilton. He later moved into Security when he turned 21, but had always had his eyes on poker, when he would deliver room service orders to poker players and noted the thick bundles of cash.

Lambert left Binion briefly when the Mirage poker room opened, staring as a brush and working his way up to assistant shift manager in three years. But when Jack Binion called him in September 1994, he headed to Mississippi to run Binion’s poker room there.”

“I’d thought about holding a big tournament at the Shoe almost from the day I got there,” Lambert said, “but I realized that for the kind of tournament I wanted to run, one that would really put Southern poker on the map, we needed a partner, and I worked on the Gold Strike folks for about a year, convincing them that we had a real winning situation, combining Jack’s name with the marvelous Gold Strike facility.”

“Once we had the Gold Strike convinced of the possibilities, I called up Jim Albrecht, who was semi-retired, and Jack McClelland, who was completely retired, and all of a sudden we had us a real all-star line-up of tournament professionals.”

As to the overlap with the Reno Hilton, I wasn’t surprised to hear Lambert echo Binion’s sentiments.

“It was never personal,” Lambert said. “I even called (Hilton poker room Manager) Mike Gainey to see if there was some way they could switch. We were just already in trouble with the WSOP only one week away-30% of our players were leaving early, because most players have families, jobs, or other responsibilities and just can’t drop off the face of the earth to play poker for two months straight. I hope Reno does well also.”

For Reno to do well (and having attended that event last year and having loved it, this won’t be hard for them to do), they will have to offer side action that matches up with Tunica.

“We run all the action in the 30-60 games and above at the Gold Strike,” Lambert said, “and that includes a lot of pot-limit. Usually you can find pot-limit Omaha with 5-5 blinds, 10-25 blinds, and more often than not, games as big as 200-400 blinds too. We spread some pretty big limit games, too. We had $1,000-$2,000 Lowball last year.”

“The smaller games,” Lambert continued, “we run over at the Horseshoe, but I wouldn’t even call those ‘small.’ We’ve had as many as eight 20-40 games going on simultaneously over there. If you want to play some serious money poker, you don’t ever have to go near the tournament room to an action-packed three weeks.”

From my talks with people who have played both events, it sounds like if you want lots of options at the lower and middle limits, Reno might be the right choice, and if you want lots of options at the high-middle and higher limits, Tunica sounds like the right destination.

Both events will be non-smoking this year. In Tunica, all of the tournaments, and all of the action at 30-60 and above, will be at the completely non-smoking Gold Strike. The smoking situation at the smaller games over at the Horseshoe isn’t quite as clear. There will be non-smoking tables, but you should be prepared for some second-hand smoke in the Horseshoe side games.

As far as the tournaments themselves, if you’re looking to play a little higher, Tunica is probably the better choice, while if you’re on a bit of a budget, Reno makes more sense.

Tunica will offer one $300 event with rebuys, nine $500 buy-in events, five $1,000 buy-in events, $2,000 events in Limit Hold’em and No-Limit Hold’em, and a $10,000 Championship event (for which they are guaranteeing a million dollar prize pool).

In Reno, you can select from among eight $300 events (one with a rebuy), six $500 events (two with rebuys), four $1,000 events (one with rebuys), and a $5,000 Championship event.

If you’re one of those folks who holds a strong opinion for or against Tex’s Tears 50% blind increase structure, you’ll find that in Reno (although WSOP payout structure will be used), while in Tunica you’ll find a the more traditional WSOP-style blind structure and payouts, not surprising considering that McClelland is running the show.

“I think we’ll give the players a lot of action for their buy-ins,” McClelland said. “We’ll be using 50 minute rounds in the early events, hour rounds in the later events, and …


Jackpot Madness Pay Outs Continue to Break ALL Records

Jackpot Madness, the world’s #1 cash jackpot destination, has exceeded $70,000,000 in total payouts in only 22 months. This milestone comes after one of the most massive payout periods in online gaming. This includes: Tony P’s recently winning the biggest jackpot in online gaming history when he hit a $1,594,649 jackpot, Mitchel C. taking home an impressive $520,625 on Treasure Nile and Mary H’s $394,658.30 Major Millions win…all within the last month!

The landmark win that pushed the payout total to over seventy million dollars was Ken M’s $106,891.87 jackpot on the LotsaLoot slot at 7 Sultan’s UFABET Casino on July 15th, 2002.

The 11 progressive games featured throughout the Jackpot Madness network continue to pay out unprecedented jackpots at frequent intervals, driving the network’s total to record-breaking levels.

“No other gaming network has approached anywhere close to $70,000,000 in payouts. This is yet another exciting milestone for us – following Tony P’s win – the biggest ever in online history. Tony P hit an amazing $1,594,649 jackpot in May on Major Millions, which he received in cash!” said Marilyn Glazier, Press Agent for “Not surprisingly, progressives fans flock to the casinos listed in the Jackpot Madness portal, as word gets out that you can win massive jackpots and have a great time doing it; all in the comfort of your own home. As we are continually developing new and innovative games, we are striving to even further improve the online gaming experience while remaining at the cutting edge of the industry.”

Ken M. hit his big jackpot on LotsaLoot, the network’s popular twenty-five cent slot, which paid out $287,654.15 to 12 jackpot winners in June alone. The newest member of the Jackpot Madness family is the Roulette Royale progressive, the Internet’s first progressive roulette. Launched just one month ago, Roulette Royale is currently at $100,000 and steadily climbing, as players from all over the world spin to win the first jackpot.

About Jackpot Madness:

Jackpot Madness, run by Jumbo Jackpots of Curacao, is the world’s largest online progressive network. All the jackpots won on the casinos providing these games are offered through full, direct cash payouts – the only games on the Internet offering this benefit. The goal of the portal is to provide jackpot enthusiasts with a single destination offering a wide choice of progressives, featuring frequent payouts and record-breaking jackpots. The jackpot totals are “live” and Jackpot Madness provides constantly updated information together with links to over 60 casinos. Total payouts are over $70,000,000 and counting.



November 28, 2001. After two days of non success in the first two events I’m just looking to make a good showing in event number 3. I start my day with breakfast at Resorts Casino, I had a comped room over there and the place is spotless, even the chips look hand washed. I order the eggs benedict and some coffee. The waitstaff was friendly and my stomach was satisfied. Good start already.

I then stroll outside on the Boardwalk over to the Taj which became my morning ritual. Another beautiful day for late November, kids are still surfing! I proceed to the Poker Room and go right to the cage to pony up for my entry. The event starts promptly at 1100am. I sit down at one of the far tables by the Race Book.

A couple of familiar faces at my table, two young pros from California. A seasoned looking player from either NJ or Ny in the 10 hole. There was also a young gentleman in the 7 seat with a Philly FireFighter cap on, God bless him. Early on I catch my first break of the day.

I make a standard raise in early position, (Ace, King unsuited). Everyone folds around to the small blind who raises all in for $500.00. I ponder for a few moments and call. He shows KK. I sigh, and flip over my AK. Flop comes no help, but turn and river come Ace, Ace. My first double up.

This was my only “behind hand” of the day. After this blessing of good fortune I get some good play out of my blind hands and add to my stake. I was lucky my first table was passive and received some free rolls out of my blinds and lukily flopped some real hands.

By 3:00 pm and a ten minute break I have some ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล chips so I give a call to my wife to let her know I’m fairing well and to wish me some luck. When I get back, I’m in a table with Mellisa Hayden. I know her reputation and I know she is a respected player. I’m seated to her right.

Right away she starts off aggressively stealing blinds and making large raises preflop. I’m thinking I’m only going to get involved with a real hand.

Two 8’s come along and I get in cheaply to see the flop, and the flop comes perfect 8, rag, rag. Beautiful.

I take down about a 1500.00 pot with no call. My stack is looking pretty good. I only steal the blinds on rare occasion and each time no callers. Getting towards dinner break now and I’m in very good shape around 5000 in chips. Dinner comes and I’m elated. Twelve tables left out of a field of 256 players.

I decide to go eat over at Resorts so I can have some peace. Good plan, not a single Poker Player over there. After a nice quiet meal Im ready for the home stretch of the tourney. Im excited, but say to myself play solid and watch your body language. I stay focused so as not to give away any of my hands. I maintain my stack and make it down to the final 6 tables.

I’m seated next to Howard Mann who I know from working at Foxwoods and playing in our tournaments up there. He is seated to my right and is picking off my blinds on every round. I finally come over the top on him with nothing and hold my ground. He folds to my preflop re-raise. I pick up some pots and my stack steadily grows to about 15,000.

It seems like maybe little less than an hour and a half and we are down to two tables. Players are dropping like mad now. My next big confrontation comes. I’m in late position with A 10 of spades, it is passed to me and I make a standard 3x the big blind raise to about 4,000, just hoping to steal the blinds.

A younger fellow from New York reraises me out the button position for 4,000. The blinds fold and its on me.

I think for a few moments. I think the blinds were 500 and 1,000 at this point with the ante. I call. The flop comes 4 of hearts, 10 of clubs and 5 of hearts. I hesitate for a moment and push all-in. Before I can push all-in he calls. Oh no, I ran into a real hand I think to myself. I turn over my A 10 of spades with some hesitation. He is not to quick to roll over his hand, but finally exposes J 10 of hearts.

What a draw he has! I stand up, and plead for the dealer not to put up a heart, my prayers are answered and I double up. Final table here I come.

Final table is as follows:

Seat 1 Nick Pompo $3,700

Seat 2 Men “Master” Nguyen $29,000

Seat 3 “Doc” Partenope $19,900

Seat 4 David Ferrante $11,700

Seat 5 Howard Mann $7,100

Seat 6 Kenneth Kolbert $6,700

Seat 7 Dan Negreaunu $16,600

Seat 8 Mark Rathbun $ 31,100

Seat 9 Jerry Brinkman $2,300

Wow, I’m elated, final table and the chip lead. More dramatics to follow.

Unbelievable! Here I am at my first ever No-Limit final table in a casino. I have won No-Limit tourneys on PokerPages but, this is the real deal. $28,000 to the winner! I can’t believe it. I feel confident and not one bit out of place. I guess 10 yrs in the World’s largest casino, Foxwoods, and being a Shift Manager for over 5yrs in Poker helps your confidence.

After all, I live, breathe and think Poker, what a great game, and I get paid for it! I stack my chips neatly. I get some friendly advice from one of the players, telling me to stack my orange chips on top ($1,000) for intimidation purposes.

I forgot who gave me the advice, but if you read this I can’t thank you enough. Final table action begins. I know not to mess with the larger stacks and hope I can just tangle with the smaller ones. The first 10-15 minutes or so I’m just an innocent bystander. It is a nice position to have the chip lead with no need to rush. I can wait for real hands.

Kenneth Kolbert from Brooklyn Ny. goes out ninth. Down to eight. Next to exit is the shortest stack to come to the final table, Jerry Brinkman, myself and Howard Mann call his all-in and check it down to the river. I know well enough not to bet Howard off the hand, and plus I have absolutely nothing going after to the flop and I’m more than happy to check it down and hopefully eliminate another player.

Howard ends up with the pot at showdown; down to seven! Here comes a HUGE hand for the “great unknown” player at the table. Daniel Negreanu makes a standard raise, the blinds are 1,000 – 2,000 with a $500.00 ante. I’m on the button and look down to see two beautiful kings. Wow, no brainer! I confidently declare “all-in”.

Ball is in Danny’s court now. He has nearly half his stack committed already. He thinks for a few moments and calls my all-in. I’m 99.9% sure my kings are good. I turn them over. Danny says you have me beat. He shows AQ. I’m feeling real good. KK vs AQ. Flop comes no help for either of us. Turn comes the queen.

I stand up and say don’t put an ace or queen on the river. The river is dry. WOW! I pick up 16,000 or so in chips. I’m on top of the World, just knocked out one of the best tournament players on the planet. The next to be eliminated was the other short stack at the table, Nick Pompo.

Down to five.

The antes and blinds sure to creep up on you at these levels, and here we go up again. Now playing $1500-3000 with a $500.00 ante. Here comes my next confrontation.

Howard Mann, who had been to my immediate right for 2 out three final tables. I had the opportunity to study him for awhile and he loved to steal my blinds. He is two off the big blind and raises all-in. He has about 11,000. I look down and see Ace, 10. Not too shabby, and I know Howard is an aggressive player with medium holdings. I like my Ace. I’m hoping he is holding a King, but not two!

I think for a few moments and decide to call. I’m not terribly confident about the hand, but he is short stacked and I know he needs to make a stand. He turns over KJ. Bingo! I turn over my A10. I spike an Ace on the flop. Turn comes no help and now he is drawing dead on the river.

This final table stuff is the “nuts”. Up to $51,000 in chips now and the boys want to make a deal with the new kid. They offer me 2nd place money, $14,952.00 and a chance to play for $10,000.00.

They would take $10,000 a piece and the same chance to play for the remaining $10,000. Now I have a major decision to make. I’ve never been in this spot before. I ask for a short break and all agree. I need someone to talk to! Quick!

I find Jim Boyd in a satellite. He graciously gets up out of the satellite to give me advice. People like Jim make Poker the great game that it is. Thanks again Jim, I owe you. He likes the deal and tells me to take it.

Billy Seymour, another well known tourney player agrees and tells me the same, “take the deal Mark”.

What to do what to do, I see a good friend, Pat Perrot. He wants me to play it out, no deal.

After all I am the chip leader by about 20,000. My gut says no deal. I think deals cheapen tournament poker. You really can’t say you are the champ. Thanks to the good Lord above, $28,000 is not going to change my life anyway, just pay a few bills. Not like I can retire from it. So I think a moment longer and say “no deal, lets play it”.

I sit down and the first hand I’m dealt is two picture cards. I’m under the gun, I make a standard raise and here comes Men smelling blood. He moves all-in. I’m about to blow off 8,000 in chips with a hand I’m not going to marry. I feel a little flustered, I think about the deal I passed up only 2 minutes earlier and could have very easily lost my composure. I toss the hand in after a fleeting moment.

I jump back inside my head, dont panic, play your game, and dont you dare play passive again into Men.

Next to go is “Doc” Partentope. At this point Doc and David Ferrante are about even in chips.

Now we are down to three. Men talks to David about a deal not involving me! Whats up with that?

I dont say a word but in hind sight that was “dirty pool”. Before I know it David is gone, and it’s me and the “Master” heads up. He now has about a 3-1 chip lead on me. We play a few hands heads up. I’m very cautious, not overly aggressive. Just waiting for a playable hand.

I’m the big blind with K3. He smooth calls. Flop comes xKx. I move all-in. He is thinking. I might get a call here. Did he slow play a big pair? He is thinking for some time.

He asks for a count down of my chips. I start to break them down and he says let the dealer do it. …

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pkv poker online

The bus set off 45 minutes late on it 1679 km journey to Fortaleza on the Brazilian coast. It was scheduled to arrive at 09.51 little did I know that it was Tuesday and not Monday it was due to arrive.

Arena Castellao, Fortaleza

So plenty of time to admire the Brazilian countryside as the bus took in all the towns on the way, and my fellow passengers were always eager to get off and try the local delicacies.

So my extended trip acquainted me with all the gastronomic delights served at their bus stations. I can assure you that I tried everything at least once and still don’t know exactly what I had.

At 7a.m. on Tuesday I checked with my fellow passengers and they confirmed there was 3 hours to go. At noon I checked and there was still 3 hours to go!!

Kick off was at 4p.m.

No panic. Taxi! pkv poker online


Once again I took my bags to the stadium, and had to walk the last 2km as no cars were allowed near the stadium.

Upon arrival at the security check, this time, they spotted my razor and informed that I could not go in with it.

Let’s just recap here. I have just spent 45 hours on a bus. Had six hours in bed since I got to Brazil. Just walked 2km with my bags in the hottest temperatures I had encountered so far, now that I was on the North East coast. Oh and I hadn’t had a shave since I got here. It can’t get worse can it?

Anyway I got in and I have now shaved.

Enjoyed the game. Mexico’s performance was no surprise to me as I have seen the fixture three times and Mexico won them all.

Had an early night ..11ish, and up at 7 to meet my Mexican friend Manuel at the bus station to travel to Natal.

We were in the process of buying the bus tickets, I handed Manuel my passport from my small bag, I looked around some seconds later and immediately realised my bag had gone.

Want to know what was in it, with the most important things first. Match tickets, camera, hat, money, jacket, poncho.

So I looked and looked for the police, eventually finding them exuding the same patience I had seen with their queues (even when the metro came in at Brasilia there was not the usual urgency I am used to, to get aboard).

The police did not seem to take an interest as I searched all the bins and the toilets. A Uruguayan girl said she had seen someone suspicous and we asked to check the CCTV, the nearest one wasn’t working. But then Pedro the manager of Guanabara bus company came along. He checked his CCTV and we saw what had happened, two of them and two seconds.

We then went to the police and they then checked the video of the station exits. We saw the culprits but the police were not about to do anything.

Pedro, however was determined to help he offered his services and drove Manuel and I across town to the Police Station to get a crime report. (Beach football today was postponed).

Found out from Pedro that Fortaleza is the 7th most violent city in the world and that a few years he had been visited at his home by armed robbers and tied up. I had only lost a bag.

Pedro realised that the match tickets were the most important thing and offered to take us to the FIFA ticketing centre.

With Pedro and Manuel’s help and patience I managed to get tickets to 5 of the 7 matches I had lost. One of Pedro’s last acts if kindness was to make me a sign saying “I need a ticket for this match.”




poker qiu qiu

Men “The Master” Nguyen’s trademark cackle announced his arrival long before he reached our table. We were down to the final 40 players (out of 166 starters) in the World Series of Poker H.O.R.S.E. event, and I was nursing an average stack of chips. My table was businesslike and quiet, with solid players Brian Nadell, Mark Tenner, Chad Brown, and Bob Feduniak. As players busted out and we combined to five tables, I looked up to see that Men had indeed drawn our table and was slowly approaching — one fist holding a pair of overflowing chip racks and the other clutching an overflowing bottle of Corona. It was clear that our table dynamics were about to radically change, especially when Men took the open seat to my left and proceeded to immediately spill his beer on the floor.


Men is a skillful, tricky, and dangerous poker qiu qiu player at all times, especially so when he has lots of chips and is sure to try to take control of the table, seemingly raising and reraising each hand, building huge pots that create huge swings that serve to unnerve even the steadiest player. As an opponent in these situations, you are faced with two extreme choices: sit back and let Men run over the table, sacrificing blinds and antes along the way, or get in there and gamble with him, hoping to outplay or out-catch him at some point.


I chose the latter option, even though we were in the stud rounds, Men’s strongest games. It was a make-or-break opportunity, and I decided to take a chance to accumulate some chips, knowing that Men’s relentless aggression didn’t necessarily indicate powerhouse hands. One hand in particular proved to be both very interesting and quite decisive to my fortunes:


Playing stud eight-or-better, I raised with a strong hand, a three-flush containing three low cards, showing a 5. Men reraised me, as he had done every single time I (or anyone else) entered a pot. Betting, raising, and reraising took place on every street. As we reached the river, my board read 5-9-9-A: I had a pair of nines, a four-card flush draw, and a 7 low draw. Men’s board read 5-10-7-8: a rough low or low draw, possibly a pair, certainly a straight draw of some sort, and possibly a flush draw. The action indicated that Men’s hand, like mine, had lots of possibilities, but that he likely had paired and did not have a made low on sixth street. I anxiously looked at my seventh-street card and found a complete blank — a queen that provided no help whatsoever and left me with only the open nines.


At this point, I began to outsmart myself. I was fairly sure that Men believed I had made aces up on sixth street, and I had played enough with him in the past to know that he was sometimes capable of laying down a pair of tens or perhaps even two small pair on the river if he missed his low draw. The pot was so huge that I decided it was worth risking a bet at this stage. I fired my chips into the pot.


Unfortunately, Men raised. My first instinct was to fold, but something about his raise didn’t feel right, and I remembered other hands I had played against Men or observed him play at this game. I began to suspect that he had indeed made a low hand with a weak (or nonexistent) high hand, and was trying to push me out of the pot in order to scoop. I thought for a long time, angry at myself for having gotten into this predicament, but increasingly reading Men as wanting me to lay my hand down. The problem I had was that I might be right that my nines might not be good; that is, Men might have been bluffing with the best hand. In hold’em or stud high, I could reraise, but if he had a low (as I supposed), a reraise would serve no purpose except to drain more of my increasingly precious chips. What a pickle I had gotten myself into; my bluff had failed and now I was tempted to waste another bet based solely on my history against Men.


I finally decided the size of the pot (even though I was almost certainly going to get only half if I was right) dictated that I call, based on my strong read that Men was making a play. As soon as I threw my chips in, Men smiled and said, “Good call,” giving me a momentary feeling of optimism. “Aces up are good,” he continued, “I made a low.” Now, I was becoming more pessimistic, but still hoping against hope. I announced that I didn’t have aces up, but Men continued to pull back only his share of the betting, as if he expected a split pot. Unfortunately, as he casually spread his cards, I saw the dreaded pair of tens that doomed me.


So, that’s how I lost two bets on the river in stud eight-or-better with no low and only a pair of nines for high, which — to make matters worse — were showing.…

Situs Judi Online

The Premiership is all but done and dusted. Chelsea are champions and the top four basically settled: Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United.


The latter two square up at Old Trafford with third place possibly at stake.


Elsewhere Europa Situs Judi Online League hopefuls Southampton take on FA Cup finalists Aston Villa. Two sides near the foot of the table clash as Sunderland play host to Leicester and Liverpool welcome Crystal Palace, who will be hoping to complete an unlikely league double over the Reds.


On Sunday, Man City travel to South Wales looking for a fourth successive victory over Swansea, before Man Utd battle old enemies Arsenal in the pick of the weekend’s fixtures.


Proceedings draw to a close on Monday night as West Brom meet Chelsea at the Hawthorns in a basically dead rubber.


Saturday, 16 May 2015


Southampton 0 v Aston Villa 1

Burnley 1 v Stoke 1

QPR 1 v Newcastle 2

Sunderland 2 v Leicester 1

Tottenham 2 v Hull 2

West Ham 2 v Everton 0

Liverpool 1 v Crystal Palace 0


Sunday, 17 May 2015


Swansea 1 v Man City 3

Man United 2 v Arsenal 1


Monday, 18th May 2015


West Brom 0 v Chelsea 2


Stevie Glee In Anfield Wrap?


Steven Gerrard will be bidding an emotional farewell to The Kop on Saturday night and bet365 are betting on his performance against Crystal Palace.


bet365’s Steve Freeth “An iconic player such as Steven Gerrard waving goodbye to The Kop is bound to attract betting attention, and the fact he’s scored in the last two games, plus takes free kicks and penalties, can only further punters’ case for a perfect Anfield ending.”


Gerrard is 8/5 to hit the back of the net, 11/2 to score a penalty and 16/1 to score directly from a free-kick. The inspirational skipper is also priced at 4/1 to outscore Crystal Palace on his own.


Liverpool v Crystal Palace 16th May


Steven Gerrard Specials To Score 8/5 To Score 2+ 9/1 Score Hat-Trick 40/1 Score Own Goal 66/1 Booked 4/1 Sent Off 50/1 Score Free Kick 16/1 Score a Penalty 11/2 (Free kick – pens not included)


90 Minute Goals Match Bet – Who Will Score More Goals (Gerrard must start) Steven Gerrard 4/1 Tie 6/4 Crystal Palace Evs


Soccer – Veteran Friedel opts to call it a day


Brad Friedel has admitted that, at the age of almost 44, it is the right time for him to retire from the game. The former USA international has featured in almost 500 Premier League matches since joining Liverpool in 1997. He was Blackburn’s regular first-choice shot-stopper between 2000 and 2008 and went on to start more than 100 league games for Aston Villa before moving to White Hart Lane in the summer of 2011. He was an ever-present for Spurs in the 2011/12 campaign but has been used as a back-up keeper to Hugo Lloris for the last three seasons. “I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve achieved in my career,” said Friedel. “But my 44th birthday is almost here so I think it is a good time to call it a day.” Spurs are 13/8 with bet365 to keep a clean sheet on Saturday against a Hull City side that is 2/5 to be relegated this season following their home defeat to Burnley.


Soccer – Baines endures ankle surgery


Everton boss Roberto Martinez believes this week was the perfect time for Leighton Baines to have an ankle operation. The former Wigan Athletic left-back has been struggling with the injury for some time and had to be substituted during Saturday’s 2-0 home loss to Sunderland, 4/1 with bet365 to be relegated this season. Baines had the surgery on Wednesday but should have recovered in time for the start of pre-season training. Martinez said: “Leighton had a little bit of instability in his ankle that flared up in the last two weeks and was really painful in the last game, so we got it checked and he needed a little bit of repair work so he had surgery. “He will be out now until the start of pre-season but it is exactly what he needed. He was trying to play through the pain barrier.” Everton are 8/5 to beat West Ham in their penultimate game of the season on Saturday.




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All eyes seem to be on Spain for tomorrow’s Euro 2008 final.


Neutral fans are mostly dreaming of a beautiful team who play the Beautiful Game slaying a 44-year old jinx in a red and yellow climax. But if big-match history counts for anything, the winners’ enclosure will be black and white instead.


Joachim Löw has touched upon the German Qq Poker Online secret of success in the run-up to the Euro 2008 final, but the reason for them reaching 13 finals still remains somewhat elusive.


“We believe we can win such games – we have a winner’s mentality,” he explained. “We know we can do it and our morale is high, that’s what matters.”


Like all successful teams, the Germans do not seem mired in complex Howard Wilkinson-style tactics talks, or go to bed reading Don Revie-style dossiers.


“As for the gameplan, we’ll just go back to basics,” Löw added.


“You have to move and pass the ball around. I don’t think it would make much sense for us to sit down and analyse the semi-final; it is of no use now. Any coach’s task before the final is to re-energise his players and motivate them. We won’t train very hard between now and the final, recuperation is the key.”


The latter sentiment sounds a bit like Brian Clough’s insistence on rest for his players when playing in Europe, part of a philosophy which bagged two European Cups for a provincial team like Nottingham Forest. Whatever the reason, the continued success of Germany always bears repeating. 13 finals must mean they have got the basics right, and success breeds a confidence dyed in the lederhosen.


With the groundwork of a winning formula established, their natural Teutonic practicality and level-headedness ensures the Germans do not get carried away with their astonishing record.

“They do arrogance, but not complacency,” opined the BBC’s Alan Hansen, although their calm first half against Turkey risked letting the game run away from them.


Löw is still approaching only his second year in the big job, but despite a record, insists the much-cited German footballing values are exaggerated.


“We must not go back to those days of overreliance on our traditional values,” said Löw. “Players from San Marino can run around and fight, too.” Arsene Wenger cites their mental strength as the reason for their permanent class: “Germany are one of the few countries I know of who can have a go at each other in the newspapers one day and then go into the match united and mentally strong,” said the Arsenal coach.


A look back over the years shows that rather than always being the best every tournament, Germany tend to begin among the top five teams in the hunt, yet often end up in the final.

In the World Cups of 1982, 1986 and 2002 no one rated them favourites at the start, but each time they made it to the final game, while the common consensus was that an ordinary Deutscher Fussball Bund eleven won Euro ’96.


In Belgium at Euro ’72, Sweden at Euro ’92 and at Italia ’90, the Germans were the bookies’ favourites at the start and duly reached the finals, but they have reached so many finals when apparently not being one of the top teams, that there must be a secret formula at work.


They have been the team to beat as long as I have been alive, their only lean period spanning their elimination by Croatia in the quarter-final of the 1998 World Cup until their third place finish at the 2006 edition.


Taking up the baton, the current coach of the Mannschaft, who landed in the job with a international reputation of just having been Jürgen Klinsmann’s bench buddy at the 2006 World Cup, has certainly now made a name for himself.


Löw, whose name means lion in his native language, has guided his team to the final of his first tournament, cut a dash in his tight-fighting touchline apparel, and put smiles on the faces of watching millions by sneaking a cheeky fag in the stands after being sent off against Austria.


Löw’s much-travelled playing career as an attacking midfielder was followed by solid if usually unspectacular spells in charge of six different teams, including Fenerbahçe in Turkey and Stuttgart, whom he guided to the 1998 Cup Winners Cup final, won by Chelsea.


Löw’s career was hauled up from the shallows when Klinsmann made him his surprise choice as national team assistant in 2004, having earned his coaching badges alongside him a few years before.


Assistant manager has never been the most glamorous of football jobs. Seconds-in-command often seem lacking in charisma compared to the ‘special ones’ in the hot seat, and for good reason. Coaches are personalities beyond mere instructors. Their egos need space, but also thrive on having a tempering, disciplining safety-valve to their genius sat beside them to rely on.

A meeting of two powerful egos rarely lasts for long, and too often the assistant fails to replace them adequately after they leave. Think Roy Evans at Liverpool or Steve McClaren at England.

Appointing the assistant is often seen as a risk by big clubs or countries, which is why Chelsea’s No.2 Steve Clarke was never in the running to succeed Jose Mourinho. They are considered personal assistants rather than deputies, it often seems.


Löw is no Mourinho. He makes friends rather than enemies and appears to have no desire to forge a personality cult. Already in Euro 2008, he has changed tactics on the insistence of senior players but has maintained their respect as the results have followed, an echo of Bobby Robson in Italia ’90.


Michael Ballack, Germany’s talisman, was instrumental in urging him to switch from 442 to 451 against Portugal, which finished 3-2.


“Of course,” confirmed Löw . “I would not be a good coach if I didn’t listen to them. But my players listen to me too. One cannot pass from one system to another by just doing it. It has to be an agreement, a discussion, even if it is me who takes the final decision.”


Win or lose in the final, Löw is now making a name for himself out of Klinsmann’s shadow, should lead Germany into the World Cup of 2010 and at only 48 years old, can be expected to coach big club sides in the future.


A victory in Vienna on Sunday will complete a remarkable coaching debut for the man from the Black Forest. The Austrian capital will be familiar turf for ‘Yogi’, as Löw is nicknamed, where he coached Austria Vienna for a season in 2002.