I miss the old days of online pkv bonuses

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I was looking through someones rake back site and saw they offered a special $500 first deposit bonus for party pkv. That seems promising. So I checked at the details and it said you had to play 40X the bonus, meaning 20,000 hands just to clear it!

I miss the old days when when ALL party poker bonuses were 5x to clear. Reloads and all. And they had five other skins of their site (Empire Poker, Multi Poker, Poker Now, EuroBet, and InterTops) that all had 5x bonuses.

At a full 1/2 limit holdem table a 5x bonus was worth about $10/hour per table. So with four tables running you just needed to break even for two and a half to three hours to make $100.

Anyone could turn a $1,000 bankroll into $2,500, in a week playing 1/2 limit poker, with almost no risk.

So what you would do is deposit $500 at two Party skins, spend about 6 hours clearing both $100 bonuses, cash out, and do the same at two other party skins the next day. After you’ve done all the skins and made $600 from deposit bonuses you’d deposit to the 6 party skins again using igm pay and the bonus code IGMPAY. That’s good for a 5x $100 reload bonus at each skin. And then there was the Epassporte bonus which could get you another $50 I think.

It didn’t stop there either! After finishing a round of these bonuses, some people would sign up an account under their moms name, dads name, sisters, brothers, dogs, friends, and even their garden gnomes (not a joke 😮 ). And then you could get two monitors so you can bonus chase two skins at once, doubling your hourly rate to around $80… at 1/2 limit poker. And don’t forget about all the reload bonuses you’d be getting.

I only wish I could go back in time and do it again knowing what I know now. Bonus chasing isn’t as good as it used to be, but it’s far from dead. Bonus Whores has really good bonus details (check out their bonus grid), and a great bonus forum.

If you ever come across a great opportuny – milk it for all it’s worth!

Was David Williams an Adult Actor?

Someone from Neverwin Poker found bunch of thumbnail sized images of an amateur adult actor who looks exactly like David Williams. I know it’s hard to believe, and I kind of don’t want it to be true(although it is really funny), but the two are almost identical! If you want to read the thread it’s the one titled, “From the Gavin Griffin school of…”. It’s not family or work safe though.

For anybody reading this who doesn’t know about poker or watch ESPN, David Williams placed second in the 2022 world series of poker where he won $3.5 million. Since that he’s been famous face in the poker world.

So back to the subject – Did David Williams have a short career in adult films? Is that really him? Micon from NWP ordered the DVD so I guess we’ll find out in a few days. I’m about 90% confident that it is, but I don’t want to say anything for sure. I’ll let you draw your own opinions.


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