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Event 13 of the keluar sgp VI started on Nov 17, but didn’t finish until Nov 18! This is because it was a 2-Day event, only the second of its kind. The game was No-Limit Hold’em, and only the players who play the highest stakes took part as the buyin was $2500 + $120. This event had the second largest guarantee, at $1,500,000. However, a lot of higher stakes players liked the slow structure and the idea of the 2 day event, so 698 people brought the total prize pool up to $1,745,000! This event was hosted by well known pro, John Juanda. Juanda has 3 WSOP bracelets, 5 WPT final tables, and has won 3 all around best player awards. Quite the resume!
The structure of this event was very slow and deep, allowing for a lot of play. The tournament played on Day 1 until the final 2 tables, of level 15, whichever was sooner. Once play resumed on Day 2, it was a battle for the money. Just placing in the money (72 or better) earned you $3900! If you happen to get lucky and hit the final table you could say hello to at least $31,410.00! If you want to hear sick, the winner would take down almost a half million dollars! And sick it was for wuddacooler, who must have had some coolers go his way because he won the second ever 2 day event for $418,800.00! Congrats to him and everyone else who place in the money in the $2620 NLH 2 Day, Event 13 of the FTOPS 6:

Event #13 Results – FTOPS VI
Place Player ID $ Won
1 wuddacooler $418,800.00
2 Kongsgaard $261,750.00
3 Don K The Hutt $196,312.50
4 heyfreddy $148,325.00
5 cobey $113,425.00
6 Aaron Bartley $78,525.00
7 Sircall $54,095.00
8 amak316 $41,880.00
9 jman5j23 $31,410.00
10 mattg1983 $17,450.00
11 NotoriousBIL $17,450.00
12 fangus1 $17,450.00
13 McGuiler $13,087.50
14 steaming $13,087.50
15 FishRoller $13,087.50
16 rVrDyTaGn $8,725.00
17 1999TL $8,725.00
18 NES_Pro $8,725.00
19 Goods123 $6,980.00
20 MrSmokey1 $6,980.00
Event 11 of the FTOPS VI was held on Nov 15 and would be one for the hardcore poker players, HORSE. With a $500 + $35 buyin, there was at least $250,000 guaranteed. With the addition of the 50k HORSE tourney at the WSOP, this game has suddenly started to gain the attention of many people. It is a limit game composed of Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and Stud8. This event was hosted by the lady of poker, Jennifer Harman. She has 2 WSOP bracelets and one of the most feared poker players today, male or female!

With its gaining popularity, this HORSE tournament attracted 623 players, sending the prize pool up to $311,500. 64 people would earn at least $1300, while a seat at the final table would take $4,672.50. The winner of the event would be happy with his $70k+, just ask tommyboy83. He topped the field in one of the most respectable games today, defeating Dainiux heads up. Here is everyone who placed in the money and the amount won for $535 HORSE Event 11 of the FTOPS 6:

Event #11 Results – FTOPS VI
Place Player ID $ Won
1 tommyboy83 $72,236.85
2 Dainiux $47,503.75
3 riverboatking $33,019.00
4 CamasGoose $21,182.00
5 ms12345 $13,083.00
6 frostey $9,033.50
7 blewpoker $6,853.00
8 Bustable $4,672.50
9 Pelopidas $3,270.75
10 Tutnik $3,270.75
11 dupuytren $3,270.75
12 ema_aa88 $3,270.75
13 Nospleen $2,647.75
14 CaseyTheKid $2,647.75
15 Abruzzi John $2,647.75


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