Deuces wild 789Bet Simple strategy

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The following strategy is my “simple strategy” for deuces wild video poker. Using the strategy on a full pay machine will result in an expected return of 100.71%. Compared to the optimal strategy return of 100.76%, mistakes in the simple strategy will cost 0.05%, or one total bet every 1869 hands.

To use the strategy look up all viable ways to play an initial hand on the following list and elect that which is highest on the list.


0 deuces


4,5 to a royal flush

Any pat paying hand

4 to a straight flush

3 to a royal flush


4 to a flush

4 to an outside straight

3 to a straight flush

4 to an inside straight

2 to a royal flush, J,Q high

1 deuce


Any pat four of a kind or higher

4 to a royal flush

Full house

4 to a straight flush with 3 consecutive singletons, 5-7 or higher

3 of a kind, straight, or flush

All other 4 to a straight flush

3 to a royal flush

3 to a straight flush with 2 consecutive singletons, 6-7 or higher

deuce only

2 deuces


Any pat four of a kind or higher

4 to a royal flush

4 to a straight flush with 2 consecutive singletons, 6-7 or higher

2 deuces only

3 deuces


Pat royal flush

3 deuces only

4 deuces


4 deuces



Outside straight: An open ended straight that can be completed at 789Bet either end, such as the cards 7,8,9,10.


Inside straight: A straight with a missing inside card, such as the cards 6,7,9,10. In addition A,2,3,4 and J,Q,K,A also count as inside straights because they are at an extreme end.


Any hand that does not appear on the above lists should never be played. Most notably a two pair, keeping a single pair has a higher expected value.


Example: Suppose you have the following hand.




The top two plays are (1) keep the pat flush, and (2) keep the 4 to a straight flush. The 4 to a straight flush consists of 3 consecutive singletons with a range of 5-7 or greater. This appears higher on the list than a pat flush, and is thus the better play.


Comparison to Optimal Strategy

The following table compares the probability and return of each hand under both the simple strategy and the optimal strategy.

Simple Strategy to Optimal Strategy Comparison

Hand Pays Probability Return

Simple Optimal Simple Optimal

Natural royal flush 800 0.000022 0.000022 0.017396 0.017667

4 deuces 200 0.000206 0.000204 0.041257 0.040741

Wild royal flush 25 0.001785 0.001796 0.044631 0.044896

5 of a kind 15 0.003164 0.003202 0.047466 0.048024

Straight flush 9 0.004206 0.00412 0.037854 0.037079

4 of a kind 5 0.06523 0.064938 0.326151 0.324691

Full house 3 0.021303 0.021229 0.063909 0.063687

Flush 2 0.016977 0.016581 0.033955 0.033161

Straight 2 0.053711 0.056564 0.107422 0.113129

3 of a kind 1 0.287044 0.284544 0.287044 0.284544

Nothing 0 0.546351 0.5468 0 0

Total 1 1 1.007085 1.00762

The next table is a frequency distribution of the error, or difference in expected return, between the simple strategy and the optimal strategy.


Error Frequency

Error Number Probability

0 2520216 0.969702

.01%-0.99% 16488 0.006344

1.00%-1.99% 37848 0.014563

2.00%-2.99% 18336 0.007055

3.00%-3.99% 1548 0.000596

4.00%-4.99% 492 0.000189

5.00%-5.99% 2700 0.001039

6.00%-6.99% 864 0.000332

7.00%-7.99% 180 0.000069

8.00%-8.99% 252 0.000097

9.00%-9.99% 0 0

10.00%-10.99% 36 0.000014

Total 2598960 1

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