Daniel slot gacor Broke?

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Some new juicy poker gossip has just come on the wire from the 2+2 Poker forums regarding the financial situation of famous poker player Daniel Negreanu. The post authored by username AllVegasGuy on the forums, gives a detailed breakdown of how Negreanu has managed to essentially squander his slot gacor winnings in a variety of ill-led business ventures and a poor run at gambling in the last year. AllVegasGuy claims to have insider knowledge of Negreanu’s finances and actions, as well as familiarity with members of his team. Although it appears that the thread was written in an attempt to take a shot at Daniel (AllVegasGuy hates him for thinking he is the god of poker), the post and consequent responses shed some interesting light on Negeranu and the health of his bankroll.

Here is an excerpt from the thread introducing AllVegasGuy’s reasoning for sharing this gossip with the public:

“I have extensive experience and knowledge with DN, members of his team and friends. I also find his televised play interesting and a substantial benefit to the continued expansion of the game as its most recognizable face and, if you believe Cardplayer which I do, its most famous player.

What I do not like is how, through his website, he sits on high and pretends to be the god of poker judging anyone who dares blaspheme against him. Also, he portrays an image of being better and smarter than a number of people in areas such as personal relationships, integrity and money management when, in fact, he has no right to judge people in those areas because of his poor performance in those facets of his own life. He perpetuates this through his blog by exaggerating those parts of his life that would make him look good and not posting those facets that make him look bad. As with all blogs, it is his perrogative to leave certain facets off-limits. The worst part though, is that he uses the blog to actively cover-up certain things. Here is the real story:”

AllVegasGuy then goes on to highlight various circumstances to defend these allegations by citing a variety of incidences that have cause Negreanu to basically go broke. The major sources of this as explained in the thread are as follows:

– $1.5-$2 Million In Losses In The Big Game In Vegas Over The Past Year

– Extra Tax Paid By Poker Players That Amounts To 4% More Per Year

– Failed Backings Or Stakes Of Other Players

– $600K In Losses From Golf Betting

– Continued Losses From Running His Own Poker Site (Full Contact Poker)

– Tournament Circuit Travel Expenses

The post goes on to illustrate how until recently when Daniel received approx. $1 Million from runner up Kirk Morrisen at the 2007 WPT Championship (which he received for backing/paying Kirk’s entry), he was broke. Interestingly (and also very stalkerish), AllVegasGuy checked Daniel’s housing records to find that his mansion is actually owned by Jennifer Harman who Daniel apparentely rents from.

This is all very interesting stuff as it shows the darker side to being a professional gambler. I just want to make it clear that neither I nor FlopWire guarantee the vaildity of any of these allegations and we will happily post Daniel’s response to these


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