Beautiful image:Re-equipped BMW 545i

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Recently, bmw blog share a lot of spyshoots or images to you such as 2011 bmw 5 series .Today is a new kind of re-equipped BMW.

This re-equipped BMW 545i presents its volient beauty.White-black contrast paint a sense of a strong and impressive.Front bumper is even more concise and sharp access to the unique charm properties of shape.And the bottom is made of carbon-fiber.

On our 10Best handling loop, the 545i was ever flat, stable, controlled, predictable. Body roll? None that we can recall. No combination of lumpy pavement and confused S-turns came close to surprising the suspension. The ride is surely firm—as solid as Midwesterners will tolerate on frost-heaved roads—but rarely jarring. And like an Iditarod husky, the structure is shiver-free.

Spyshoot:2011 BMW 5 series official pictures

Bmw Blog has been introduced a spyshoot of 2011 BMW 5 series picture but it is a hatchback one.And today,the spyshoot is a kind of seden,which looks more elegant and Distinguished.

There is a group of car new official pictures released Held in Portugal of 2011 BMW 5 Series BMW’s global media conference.The Whole new generation of BMW 5 Series sedan will be full of aesthetic design and integration of the supreme driving pleasure.Through its sporty and elegant appearance, BMW’s unique manipulation of dynamics, outstanding high-performance economy, but also with innovative comfort and security design,2011 BMW 5 Series wins a lot of focus.

Long and short, what we have here in the 2011 BMW 5 Series is essentially a downsized 7 Series. If it fulfills every lofty expectation, the 2011 BMW 5 Series sedan will remain the sales leader in this lucrative segment.

Spy Shoot:2011 new BMW 5 series revealed

There is no doubt that 2011 BMW 5 series would be the most popular car in 2011.and now all kinds of big website exposure the new car style to get more attentions.

The spy photographers over at Auto Motor und Sport spotted a new test mule with the front-end fully uncovered. While the front fascia of the new Touring is no mystery to us anymore, the rear-end still carries some light camouflage tape that hides the final design details.

BMW 5 series is always the most important car in traveling car market.And now it is sure that the 2011 bmw 5 series will be on show on the Paris auto show.This bmw 5 series is likely to continue to follow their new favorite turbocharged engine.The 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine is expected to be used in the new 5 Series wagon on the top models, and the engine,which is  with a turbo-diesel engine technology, are also expected to join the car Among the engine lineup.

BMW 5 series travel car always occupies a certain position in European market.The latest generation car revieves  the most elegant and sense of balance.But now BMW consider more about the sales on North America.BMW thinks whether they should gradually exit the north market. If you are looking for bmw aufkleber, check out here.


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