Queen of the Hill II All-Female Online Quake II Tourney Takes Off on


Mountain View, CA – (February 20, 1998) – Queen of the Hill II (QOTH II), the Internet’s hottest all-female Quake II tournament, is going to rock on, (, the industry’s top-rated Internet games and entertainment service. Julianne Gentile, famed Quake tournament organizer and creator of the first Queen of the Hill Tournament, has chosen to host her online Quake II tourney, in which women from across the country will face off in a series of Quake II battles. The ultimate goal? Being crowned QUEEN OF THE HILL on Saturday, March 28, 1998.


According to Gentile, a serious Quake addict known to online Quake fans as “Takhisis,” Queen of the Hill has grown from a grass roots match to a nationwide tournament that needed a partner capable of hosting a large event. “Female ‘fraggers’ from across the country are dying to compete in this tourney. Queen of the Hill has really taken off,” said Gentile. “ has a ton of experience hosting large-scale Quake and Quake II events. We know we’ll have reliable Ligaz888 connections to ensure smooth game play. Plus, participants can sign up for FREE.”


Gentile created the Queen of the Hill tournament, first held in October 1997, to rally female Quake fans around their common interest and foster a sense of kinship within the female Quake community. Since then, her tournament has grown to include many of the top female Quake players from notorious clans such as PMS (Psycho Men Slayers), Quake Girlz and The Rangers.


Tom Garland, vice president of network programming for, is excited to host a tournament that draws the hottest female “fraggers” around. “While has traditionally attracted a wide variety of games fans, we’re thrilled to draw established events, such as QOTH II, that show the world that gamers can’t be stereotyped,” explained Garland. “Rocket launchers aren’t just for boys anymore!”


Tournament Kick-off Party: Meet the Women of Quake

On Thursday the 26th at 8 pm (EST), tourney participants can mix and mingle with Plus members at a kick-off party hosted in the Quake II ranked lobby –even the guys are invited! Game fans can meet QOTH II participants and challenge them to deathmatches–giving the gals a chance to practice before the cutthroat competition begins. Participants can also trade tips and taunts using’s text and voice chat, use the pager and buddy list for tracking down their friends, and even share their strategies using ScribbleTalk™,’s virtual whiteboard.


Tournament Details

Prizes for Queen of the Hill II have been donated by such industry leaders as id Software, Monolith Productions, and The Mining Company. Entries for participation closed January 31,1998 and Open Ranked Play begins March 2, 1998 running through March 13, 1998. Players will enter the QOTH II lobby on to be ranked against the other players in their division, either low-ping or high-ping depending on their connection speed. Rankings will be updated hourly and participants may play as many or as few times as they wish during this phase of the tourney.’s GameGods, the service’s resident game gurus, and wizards, members of who serve as mentors, will be available online to assist players and monitor the tournament. The rankings will end at 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Friday, March 13th and the top sixteen players, eight low-ping and eight high-ping, will move on to the semi-finals. In the Queen of the Hill II semi-finals, starting March 21, 1998, the eight top-ranked

players in each division will face off in two four-player semi-final matches with the leading eight players, four low-ping and four high-ping, advancing to the final round. Finals begin on March 28, 1998 and the final four players in each division will each play two final matches, with the combined score determining the low-ping and high-ping Queen of the Hill.


For further information on QOTH II, including daily news, rules for participation, tournament settings and scheduling, game fans can check out Julianne’s Quake enthusiast site, Focus on Quake or visit at Rankings will be posted on at



One of 500 comprehensive GuideSites from The Mining Co. (, Focus on Quake is maintained by long-time Quake addict and Queen of the Hill vet Julianne Gentile. A full-time Net denizen, Julie splits her time between gibbing hapless foes and surfing the Web for all the latest Quake news and info. Her site offers in-depth coverage of Quake/Quake II and the online Quake community. Focus on Quake is THE source for useful Quake-related news, info, links, and community on the Net.



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