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About the Muslim Parliament

The Muslim Parliament is a forum whose purpose is to debate, campaign and lobby on issues concerning the Muslim community in Britain. It is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting community interests. It operates through a number of committees, each with its own remit. These committees work along with related campaign groups in the country.

The following are the main committees:

  • Campaign against the Anti-terrorism Acts
  • Campaign against forced marriages
  • The ‘Focus on the Mosque’ campaign
  • Campaign against underachievement of Muslim children in state schools.

Additionally, the Muslim Parliament supports the following campaigns:

  • The anti-war movement opposing the American occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and supporting freedom for Palestine
  • Awaaz South Asia Watch: a group campaigning against fundamentalism and extremism
  • Liberty: a civil rights group
  • CAMPACC – Campaign Against Criminalizing Communities
  • Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers