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Muslim Parliament to Blair: Tell Bush this is not our War

Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, Leader of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, has asked Prime Minister Tony Blair to resist US pressure and tell President Bush that this is not our war. Dr Siddiqui has addressed a letter to Mr Blair on the eve of a special session of the Parliament at Westminster to discuss possible attack on Iraq suggesting he allow the nation's elected representatives to vote on the issue lest he risk a parliamentary revolt and serious civil strife in the country at large.

The following is the text of the letter:

'On Tuesday, 24 September, Parliament at Westminster meets, at your invitation, to discuss the issue of a possible attack on Iraq. I write to explain the views of a great number of people in Britain.

People find it difficult to accept the argument put forward by President Bush that Saddam Hussain poses a real threat to the US or Britain. Surely you know that no sane person can seriously contemplate such views. But if the US and Britain do go to war, have you considered how many dead Iraqis would be an acceptable figure as collateral damage?

Innocent Iraqis are already suffering from continuous aerial attacks and UN sanctions. Is it that Iraqi lives are expandable simply because they are not British or American? Any attack on Iraq runs the risk of undermining the International Order and will serve only to corroborate the Immoral principal that might is right. Do you really wish this to be your legacy to posterity, to go down in history as another Palmerston?

The sentiments I express are not confined to Muslims only but represent the overwhelming majority of British people whose instinctive sense of fairness leads them to see Bush's war as unnecessary and Immoral. Since Britain is a representative democracy why are our elected representatives not allowed to vote on this matter on Tuesday? The anti-war demonstration in London on Saturday, 28 September, will show you the feelings of ordinary people.

Opting for a military alternative Britain would be seen to be subject to an agenda dictated by foreign i.e., non-British interests, namely the American oil and armament industries. Regrettably, their powerful lobbies presently dictate US foreign policy of which the current Administration is clearly a prisoner. To resist US pressure is never easy. Morality and expediency alike dictate no other course, for our present attitude risks alienating our European partners with whom the future of this country lies.

I hope you would resist US pressure and tell President Bush, like Harold Wilson did to President Johnson, that this is not our war.'

For further information, please contact:
Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui - 0208 563 1995 / 07860 259 289

23 September 2002




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